Interview Eiki Your Damn Self Today

Rome is bringing yet another of its riders to Twitter today, this time it’s Eiki Helgason. We’re not sure why they keep picking the foreign riders for this, but chances are he speaks better English than you anyway.

Here’s the official word and all the info from Rome SDS:

Eiki Helgason is gearing up for the third installment of Rome SDS, Ask the Rider, a live interview that will go down on Twitter. Eiki will be behind a computer screen answering all your questions in real time from 3pm to 5pm eastern time this Friday, August 7th.

Just by doing a little Google research on Eiki, there’s a lot you’ll be able to find out. He’s a sick snowboarder. He can definitely skate. He also has a pretty amazing vowel to consonant ratio in his first name. But there’s a good chance you’ll have other questions that these interviews and videos don’t touch on. Are there any flips he has trouble with on a snowboard? What kind of riding does he like to do on reverse camber boards? How long has he been making his own music, and where can you download said music?

Oh and here’s a video of Eiki we stole of the Rome site. Sweet.