Danny Kass is Having Fun in New Zealand


US Snowboarders Caught With Weed In NZ

Wonder if Shaun White’s training regiment is as strict?

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  1. soup
    soup says:

    nice work on being a fucking gossip rag. why even play up the story when you know it’s just
    hurting people you know, personally….
    the world is doing the same but…. come on.

    • admin
      admin says:

      So this is what snowboarding has become? Something interesting actually happens and we’re not supposed to talk about it because it might hurt people. You’re right, I forgot. Snowboarding is daisies and lollipops and Grenade and Danny are really trying to push that wholesome family image. Newsflash: Danny is a stoner! But since that’s apparently not ok to talk about in snowboarding anymore, maybe it’s good Grenade is dipping into MMA. We heard those guys like the whole “bad ass” thing.

  2. soup
    soup says:

    jackass… of course the report of this is telling us nothing new..
    but why start up another link of one of your own and join all the rest of the pathetic general public just waiting for
    people to fall..
    you know all this could cause pretty big problems for both of them..

    im jus sayin…. why contribute.

    internet trash talker.. nice job. i could really care less who the fuck you are.. but your cynical view of things, i’m guessing has zero roots in the actual subject.

    • admin
      admin says:

      This section is called “news” and this being news, it got posted. at least we didn’t try to make an entirely speculative “journalism” piece out of it like some people. But we will listen to you and feel bad for reporting bad news since you are “a 10yr industry veteran, with solid and tasteful experience in marketing and management.”

  3. OlympicProps
    OlympicProps says:

    Of course it’s news that will soon be confirmed likely tomorrow by the USSA in a press release. If found guilty, they will likely be suspended from Snowboarding – hopefully before the season starts.
    By the way, both of their families are already in New Zealand and seeking lawyers,

  4. Real Snowboarder
    Real Snowboarder says:

    snowboarding = weed, booze, shrooms, acid, ecstacy, heroin, peyote, crack, meth, opium, drugs, get wit it!!

  5. breeZy
    breeZy says:

    respect. i will make sure to buy my gloves from grenade this year. just like what realsnowboarder said, get wit it, snowboarding ain’t track (even though those guys are probably taking even more drugs, just of a different type)

  6. Dodrugs Idid
    Dodrugs Idid says:

    i am sure this is going to dramatically hurt danny and vito’s carrier just as much as the bob gnarly glove has hurt grenade. o wait isnt the bob gnarly one of grenades best selling gloves so rad they brough it back after being off the shelves for only a year? soup you are a sqare.

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