Find Shay in Portland and Win a Skate Banana


Usually people try to discourage stalking, but Shayboarder seems to be into it. So on her upcoming trip to Portland, she’s challenging anyone and every to track her down and the first one to do so gets their hands on a 09/10 Lib Tech Skate Banana.

If you want the free 09-10 Lib Tech Skate Banana you must follow these steps:

1. Sign up to follow @shayboarder on twitter. Probably the best idea to get the SMS Text updates to your phone on the day of.
2. Check updates starting at 4pm (PST) on August 12th
3. At 4pm I will start to twitter clues that will help you track down my location in Portland, Oregon.
4. Get in your car, bus, bike, skateboard, longboard…and track me down.
5. Be the first person to find me and give me a high 5.
6. Get your hands on a brand new 09-10 Lib Tech Skate Banana!

So break out that longboard(?) and win yourself a snowboard. For more info, including important rules and regulations, check out