HCSC’s World Premiere of The B

We’ve really been slacking about posting the teaser for The B, (The Burton Movie) and in this fast-paced web world, anything after the day it’s released is too late! But Preston and crew at High Cascade gave us our chance with this press release about the super top secret world premiere on the ramps last night. So first, here’s the teaser:

And now, the official release!


HCSC campers, staff and guests were treated to a super sneak preview of “The B” (The Burton Movie) last night in the famed “HCSC Skate Ramp Theater”. The crowd of a little over 300 snuggled into their seats, popcorn in hand to become the first sets of eyes in this world to witness this cinematic Burton creation.

Warming the crowd up was a triple offering of shred slide shows beginning with the HCSC Photo Workshop “Student Selects” highlighting a weeks worth of art and action at HCSC. This was followed by a sneaky peek at pro-photo-guys Tim Zimmerman and Andy Wright’s amazing collection of winter 2009 images. Tim and Andy’s shows were an authorized awesome experience to see the photos that will be rolling out in the magazines this winter all at once. Next came the premier of the Video Workshop student’s micro-movies shot, and edited under the tutelage of Brad Kremer himself.

Introduced to the crowd as “the guy who’s movies have made more people famous than YouTube,” filmmaker Brad Kremer, of former Kingpin and Mack Dawg Productions fame offered a very large disclaimer stating that “this is an insanely rough edit of The B and that the riders themselves haven’t even seen the movie.” Nobody seemed to be too bothered to be the test audience as an eruption of cheers went off as the film began.

As one of the most anticipated movies in a long time, even the raw version of The B did not disappoint. Without giving away too much, be prepared to watch young buck Keegan Valaika shred big lines, jump like a man and ooze style down the gnarliest of rails. Get ready to for a face melting Jeremy Jones part that will have shreds tinkering with their front bindings for seasons to come, and ready yourself for an ending part with a snow structure that could qualify as the 8th wonder of the world. Intrigued? Watch the teaser at http://www.burton.com/. (its up top. maybe you already did)

A stark contrast to the seaside, party premier rocket that’s about to be launched in San Diego next month, this was a magical night outdoors amongst the twinkling stars and towering trees of the Mt. Hood National Forest. Campers went off to bed dreaming of their next days shredding as the Jeremy Jones & JP Walker Signature Sessionâ„¢ reaches it’s end.

100% snowboarding, High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s “Skate Ramp Theater” is proud to bring the shred-world another world premier first. Joining an ‘09 roster that has included Videograss and Think Thank’s Cool Story, The B was well received at the most grass roots premier venue in snowbusiness. For more information, or to register for camp visit www.highcascade.com (on the Internet).

  • Tanner

    I was there for the premiere. Jones’ and White’s parts were amazing. It gave a whole new outlook on how shred videos should and will be filmed.

  • Brendan

    Yeah I was also there even though i can pretty much be summed up as a burton hater for all their widespread killing snowboarding antics I can truly say that movie was pretty ill. Iwent there scoffing and angry tha we were seeing the burton vid out of every company but after was straight up pretty amazed including sad to say shaun whites part killed it even though I do not like him one bit. and also jeremy’s part was pretty flossy including some of his shots with his new bike. but the finisher scene deff made you have to respect this vid and mdp