High Fives with Todd Richards- Signature Session!


Old Man Winter is headed to Government Camp yet again for what should be a great end to an amazing summer. The TR-minator, as Todd would now like to be called, is a “signature pro” during session six of HCSC.  This week we went over what makes Todd tick, smile, frown, and kill when he enters the Government Camp circus.  And if you read closely you’ll even notice a free giveaway sponsored by Mr. Richards himself.

1) What is the main thing you are looking forward to during your signature session at HCSC?

Todd: Oh man, where do I start? I want to really reach out and touch some campers, wait that’s not cool, I love children. I can’t wait to get up there and ride with the kids. There are so many rad dudes rolling around Government Camp these days. I need help with my style, so I’m going to ask all the kids that look like they know to help me. Oh, well that, and cover myself in peanut butter and wait in the woods for Sasquatch. I want to get that vid on Youtube first. I bet I could get like a million hits. Now, if somehow the Sasquatch tried to rape me. That could be really bad, but I prolly would get two million hits. Imagine getting sodomized by a Sasquatch? Oh yeah, I think I hooked up with one back in the day. Gross.

2)Your Breckenridge buddy Jsak recently had his heart broken on the Bachelorette. He’s in Government Camp, are you excited to see an old heartbroken pal?

Todd: Yes I am! I love Jsak. Jessie has got to have some sweet stories by now. I can’t wait to pick his brain. I mean, he won war of the douches, or last douche standing, or whatever that show was. But for reals, I think Jsak is sweet.

3) What are you dreading most about returning to Government Camp?

Todd: Probably just being moist all the time. Oh, maybe the lack of food choices. I’m sorry but I can’t just eat wieners all day long and be satisfied. I am actually looking forward to being in Gov’y. Oh wait, maybe “Hucks” ‘cause I know I’ll end up there getting a burger basket followed very shortly by explosive diarrhea.

4) Most annoying thing a camper can do to you?

Todd: Fly off the side of a jump into me while I am cheering for them? Either that or ask me for everything while I’m actually using it. I don’t know, maybe tell me that they don’t know who I am.

5) What will you do if you find the owners of the company “AxiOmatic” while in Government Camp?

Todd: Maybe ask them if that was the best they could do when coming up with a name for their company. I mean I’m cool and all with you wanting to start a brand n’ shit, just don’t call it our name with a “axi” on the front. What if I just started a company called axivolcom? “No bro, it’s totally different from Volcom, it has ‘axi’ on the front.” They’re like, “Oh what, we used the same font as you too? Um, you’ll have to ask my partner, cause like, that’s his job n shit.” Then I’ll fucking throw them through the front window of Charlie’s! Imagine if that’s how I was known to solve problems? I would be like the Rock or TR-minator. “Your clothes, give them to me!”

Bonus Question: Giveaway time, what is the password to get free swag from you during your session?

Todd: The password is “Penis Lips McGee.” So come up to me and say, “I am Penis Lips McGee.” Let me film it and extend a hand for a shake. First five, and they can’t all happen at the same time. I will honor the first with something awesome from my giant bag of awesomness that I am bringing. Quiksilver gear and other assorted stuff. An armful of stuff.

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    No way! Now I am really stoked I waited til the last session to go to camp (every told me it would suck cause there was no snow!) I’ll be the first one to say Penis Lips McGee Todd! Can’t wait.

  2. Preston
    Preston says:

    Oh what have we done! I forgot Todd was raised in an era where it was legal to beat children. I’ll get the lawyers to sharpen their pencils and prepare for the case “The State of Oregon vs Penis Lips Mcgee”.

  3. cory
    cory says:

    Typical pro snowboarder. Freaks out when they don’t have a starbucks and sushi within 5 miles. A little street meat never hurt anyone, Todd.

  4. NotoriousCP
    NotoriousCP says:

    Alright TR, you were once great now your just another old pro who bitches about everything because he forgot about core snowboarding. Your trying to be “bro” funny is just lame. By the way AxiOmatic is core your not you sell out

  5. Matt F
    Matt F says:

    Why do I get the feeling that this Clown Todd will get his chance to meet the owners of AXIOMATIC at govn’t camp. Punk ass washed up rider…

  6. d dawg
    d dawg says:

    Todd, u have a big mouth hater. Axiomatic is a word in the dictionary. I never even saw the damn correlation between the 2 (omatic and axiomatic) until u pointed it out. Wow. Kudos for creativity though. Stop fishing for money and leave this small local bro company alone….wow.

  7. Terd Richards
    Terd Richards says:

    fuck todd richards. Axiomatic is a word, with a meaning. what does omatic mean? chill out Todd Richards your a washed up pro hoe trying to squeeze all the juice out of your last lemon.

    hood represent

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