How To Sell Gear in Government Camp


RV? Check. Pros? Check. Allen Iverson? Check. This is how you make some loot.

The classic Government Camp flea market has become a battlefield. To make the sale Gov’y consumers (read: campers) want showmanship, specific gear, and the “hook up.” No one wants your smelly Zumiez hoodie, and if you really want to fill your pocketbook then you’ll need to act accordingly.

We here at Yobeat obviously loved Billy Mays for his ability to sell anything, and we respect those that go all out in Government Camp as well. For example, Danny Kass knows how to make a sale. He showed up in Gov’y with the Grenade RV, an obvious symbol of status and free stickers. Kids knew that free stuff would be abundant, and the 50-plus boxes of stuff Danny brought would give each kid a chance to touch his hand, or stare into his eyes during a business exchange.


Is that a dollar sign on that kids hat?

But not everyone can be Danny Kass. Not everyone can bring their companies RV, 50 boxes of gear, a few ex-pros, and a thousand free stickers with them. Don’t worry, pockets can still be fattened without all those extra factors, however, there is a limit to what consumers are willing to deal with.


Seriously? Your old hoodie?

If broken boards and ugly sweatshirts are all you have to sell, market them accordingly. Cheap is the name of your racket, and you need to be on your A-game to sucker someone into paying for it. An laying on the hood of your car working that tan, is not going to help anything. In fact, kids are more than likely to laugh at you than buy your gear.


A beanie with no shirt says, “I’m cold, but sexy.”

Your best bet is to fit somewhere in the middle. Make sure your price points match the quality of what your are selling. This summer Ashbury goggles, Holden pants, and K2 World Wide Weapons are in and you can charge top dollar. If all you’ve got is a jib board, used boots, and a coat your friend left at your house, drop your prices and smile so you don’t have to take that junk home. Interact with the consumers but not too much, don’t become the stranger with candy. Have some patience, bring a skateboard, and walk away with less junk and more loot. Take a cue from our friend Billy, he could sell shit to a toilet and at least your stuff you can use to snowboard on. Now get out there and stack some greenbacks.

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