(NOT) Live from Windells Session 5


Session Five at Windells was the hottest yet, with temps hovering around 80 on the glacier and nearing 100 down at campus. Campers beat the facemelting heat on hill by lapping the tow rope through the jumpline and hanging out on the new Zumiez couch on the Dream Feature. Back on campus, in between concrete jungle skate laps, everyone cooled off on the giant slip and slide in the middle of the courtyard.


The Skeleton Crew was at camp for the session to build their Dream Feature. The collective minds of Jed Anderson, Jarad Hadi, Harrison Gordon, Alex Sherman and Tyler Verigan designed a modified mini-pipe, with hits along both sides. The result: tons of lines for everyone to choose from. Fellow Skeleton Crew members, Nick Dirks and Scott Blum joined up to shred the feature, too. Down at Windells the crew skated a ton and handed out Salomon snowboards to campers that won games of roshambo. Really.


Making sure the snowshredding action was as hot as the weather, SNOWBOARDER Magazine brought twenty of snowboarding’s most talented riders to the Windells park for the inaugural America’s Next Top Pro Model. Lauri Heiskari, Pat Moore, Eero Ettala, Marc Frank Montoya, Danny Kass, Eddie Wall and more, competed in back to basics fun events like Highest Ollie and Spin to Win, then auctioned off their pro model boards to stoked out campers back on campus (with all the money going to charity).


But, that’s not even all! The DC Team made a stop by Windells, too. Chas Guldemond and Jonas Carlson took laps in the park for a few days and then put on the DC Olympics, definitely one of the most memorable events at camp this summer. Round one: the gallon milk challenge. Round two: egg swallowing challenge. Round three: tons of DC snowboards given away to campers.


It was an awesome and busy session and Windells and it’s going to be another hot and sweaty week for Session Six, so make sure to check www.windells.com/blog for daily updates.

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