The Don and Mr. Jones are Coming to HCSC


Todd Richards once called them “the most insecure” snowboarders, but let’s face it. Jeremy Jones and JP Walker and damn good. HCSC is bringing the brothers from another mother to Hood next week. Get pumped.

Jeremy Jones and JP Walker are about to descend on High Cascade Snowboard Camp Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 for a Signature Sessionâ„¢ of ridiculous magnitude. JP comes in by plane and Jeremy’s making the trek from SLC on his motorcycle.  It’s been a while since these brothers from another mother shredded the Mt. Hood glacier together, and things are about to get heavy.

With an action packed week including Trevor Graves’ Photo Workshop, Brad Kremer’s Video Workshop and the potential sneak camp premier of The B, there should never be a dull moment.  Jeremy plans on round 3 of the Jeremy Jones Donut Eating Championships, the return of The Front Board Off and some other events too radical to be discussed on the Internet. JP is bringing in Joe Sexton for back up and has already started clogging the HCSC shipping department with boxes of giveaway rolling in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Don and Mr. Jones are on their way.

100% snowboarding, High Cascade Snowboard Camp is proud to bring the shred-world Signature Sessions™.  For more information, or to register for camp visit (on the Internet).