Bonfire’s Pipe to Pipe Final Round


Third place winner Jordan Basurto leaning backwards.

The third and final round of Bonfire’s 12th annual Pipe to Pipe was the best yet. On-hill the snow course was littered with features; down rails, flat bars, boxes, plastic jumps, those bumpy tubes everyone is so into, and a whole slew of other metal objects to slide on. Off-hill, in the covered Windell’s street-course, a skate contest followed that could rival any before it. Maybe the riders knew this was their last chance to prove their gusto? Maybe DJ Matty Mo’s eardrum destroying Heavy Metal mix created the right atmosphere? Who knows? Either way, everyone left satisfied.


Jonha Owen doing things sideways. Technine fool.

The snowboarders were up first. Salomon Team Manager Java Fernandez used a mic to hurt feelings while DJ/Contest Rider Matty Mo made things loud. Rails were slid, slapped, pressed, fallen on, and of course “swiveled.”

Eventually the snow finals got underway. It was not the most impressive event of the day. Lazy tricks and scared kids put on a lousy show until Ted “Bundy” Borland decided he wanted to win. Like the nicknamed implies he murdered his competition. Strangling kids with half-cab nose-presses and 270 something or others.


Ted “Bundy” Borland loves money and murder…ing handrails.

A few hours later Satan unleashed hell onto a street course. The pro-skate heats and final were the most entertaining moments of the summer. Little kid and female contests are cute and wonderful, but nothing can beat what happened in the men’s pro skate division.


The guy under Steve Reeves looks lost.

Set-up as the jam session from hell, a dozen or so riders dropped into the street course at once. At any given point two skaters would share a wall, coping, or gap while two more picked themselves up from the ground below. Hammers were thrown down left and right. Bones were broken, blood was lost, and the place was louder than a Slayer concert.

Third place winner Oudalay Philavanh flipped into and out of lip tricks all evening. Everyone riding in the finals, and even in the earlier heats had at least one hammer for the crowd. The raw energy, talent, and toughness the skaters had really put the snowboarders to shame. After the flames were put out and the riders were exhausted a winner was crowned. Mr. Steve Reeves won, again. You score big points for looking like a Baker Rider these days.


Sawyer Dean loves to get lifted.

Next summer try to make it to the 13th annual Pipe to Pipe. You could win some money, Java Fernandez may give you a nickname, and you’ll be riding in the middle of July.

Snow Finals:


WINNER: Ted “Bundy” Borland
1st loser: Colt Morgan
3rd best: Jordan Basurto

Best Trick:   Andrew Brewer


1st: Laura Rogoski
2nd: Molly Aguirre
3rd: Raelynd Tarnoue

Skate Finals:

CHAMPION: Steve Reeves
Silver Medal: James McCoy
Treasure Chest: Oudalay Philavanh
Best Trick:   Rion Linderman


Way to go skate winners! (Steve, maybe use some of your cash to buy a new shirt. Just saying.)

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