Zim vs Blake: The Comment War

Recently, a video on this here site managed to incite an internet comment battle for the ages. Now the fight itself had nothing to actually do with the video, which is the beauty of the internet. It’s an epic forum for participating in complete and total wastes of time!

In this battle of wits —

tim-zimmerman Photographer and YoBeat supreme master of photography, Tim Zimmerman


blake Blake Gies, snowboarder, 18 year old, and the star of Public Paradise: Week 2

Let’s listen in:

tim-zimmerman I want my 2 minutes and 26 seconds back. Come to think of it, I want my 30 seconds back for the Mendenhall thing too.
blake sometimes Zimmerman i wonder what would be funnier, carrot top catching on fire or a tree falling on you. i think you meeting your demise by a tree would be funnier
tim-zimmerman Well Blake, maybe you’ll get your wish. Let’s take a walk in the woods with a chainsaw.
blake Zimmerman can you even use i chainsaw? i mean we all know you are amazing with after affects, but a chainsaw takes real skill.
tim-zimmerman I can definitely use a chainsaw. I can’t breakdance on park rails but I can cut down a tree for sure.

Oh, I’m a photographer: after effects is for video guys.

blake Good Job Zimmerman! you passed test number one, you actually know your computer programs!

i’m glad you can’t breakdance on park rails, cause i sure as hell can’t either. and it’s nice to have a level playing field

blake oh but i guess i am still a level behind you cause i don’t spend all my time jockin travis rice’s nuts trying to get a picture of the next cool double cork
tim-zimmerman Wait, doesn’t Public Paradise 2 proudly display your park skills? It’s nice to be famous on the interweb, eh?

Level playing fields are for jocks. It’s all downhill from here kid…

tim-zimmerman I’m definitely not swinging off Travis’ nuts, but if I was that kind of person I’d prefer it to be Rice and not Nick Lipton.
blake Zimmerman it’s understandable that you’re bitter. i mean you have two broken wrists from mountain biking, so you can’t even jack off. all you have left to do is be bitter towards people who still have hair
tim-zimmerman It’s hard to be bitter about my life, which is awesome all the fucking time. It’s true that I broke one wrist mountain biking and I’m bald as a newborn baby’s ass but at the very least I’m not a self conscious, fashion-challenged 18-year-old park jibber concerned with other dude’s masturbation habits.
blake To be honest i’m a little concerned that you know how old i am, or what i wear for that matter. what the hell have you been using those telephoto lenses for?
tim-zimmerman Kid, you put yourself out there. I don’t need a telephoto lens, or to even see you in person to get an idea of what you’re about. I’m pretty sure I WAS you when at 18. It’s why I’m having fun with this comment battle instead of driving up to Timberline to choke the life out of you.

Besides, you don’t use a telephoto lens to take photos of 10′ park rails. For that I’d need a special 1992-make-women’s-halfpipe-airs-look-huge fisheye lens.

blake Zim ZIm Zimmy, if i wanted your stone age wise words about who you were when you were an 18 year i would have asked what it was like to be bald before you can legally drink
tim-zimmerman Jesus kid, you’re like a broken record. I understand, you’re running out of ammo. Your grammar is suffering too. Poor little guy needs a nap! Maybe you can get Nick to film a Government Camp townie changing your diaper? Besides, at 18 the strongest drink you can legally have came from your mama’s titty.
blake for having me so well figured out, you sure are confused about me zimmy. I’m not anywhere near govy, nor do i live there, or spend large amounts of time there. and in what world would any sane person let a “government camp townie” anywhere near a diaper?
tim-zimmerman Are you kidding, I bet a lot of the townies in Govy WEAR diapers…
blake First i’d like to thank zimmerman for the most fun i’ve had on yobeat ever

next i’d like to say congrats on out witting me, not that it was hard, but still you win

and last, i’m thrilled that i got an full grow adult to take part in a waste of time teenager comment board battle.

I look forward to next time Zimmy, keep it angry!

So who wins? Well, it doesn’t really matter, now does it? After all, arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded. Be sure to check out our new forum, where you should definitely attempt to start your own arguments with Tim Zimmerman.

  • oooh, i just love the mammas tittie comment. nice one tim, well played sir

  • that one definitely knocked it out of the park.

  • Proper and well executed, Good style and fantastic choice of words from both parties.

  • matt

    “fashion-challenged 18-year-old park jibber concerned with other dude’s masturbation habits.”…….im crying laughing

  • Zimmerman Wins. KO, first round.

  • zim

    tim zim….the new chuck norris

  • steven H

    well done blake

  • Shaniqua

    This is the funniest shit in the world. I hope this finally puts Blake in his place, that fucking kid runs around Bachelor like he’s some kind of God. Get a grip and face the facts, every intelligent soul in Bend thinks your a kook, and now you just proved it to the rest of the world. well done idiot.

  • blake

    well shaniqua all i do at bachelor is snowboard and ignore the kids i’m not friends with, and make fun of the kids who are funny, so basically i’m just like every other kid who snowboards. the only one who is a god is the one who was blessed with the greatest name ever, shaniqua. for real i wish i had a cool name like yours.

  • congrats

    Nice job blake you finally got your name out into the snowboard industry. Your “don’t give a fuck” attitude is so bad ass! Truly embarrassed for you man…

  • kitzke

    lol blake you got haters haha people you take life to serious ease up a bit and realize its a joke.

  • bob ralding

    truly amazing

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