Brooke Geery Banned from YoBeat!


There’s been some talk in the forum about if we’d actually go through with “the banning” referred to in our last poll. Well at YoBeat, we’re no pussies, and we can take the wrath of the people. So as we decided when we posted the poll, as end of the business day today, July 15, 2009, we’ve closed the poll and the winner (or is it loser?) has been officially banned from ever writing for YoBeat again.

As it turns out, with 30% of the vote, and two more votes than the next contributor Nick Lipton, that person is YoBeat Publisher and Editor in Chief Brooke Geery.

“I thought the fact that I founded YoBeat would really help me maintain my writing privledges,” Geery said. “But the people have spoken and who am I to argue.”

Next in command, Nick Lipton, was excited about being promoted from intern to CEO, until he realized the repurcussions.

“Crap, does this mean I have to do more work?” he asked.

The snowboard community is excited that it will no longer have to hear about how awesome Geery is at skateboarding, how much she likes getting paid to do work, how lame 3.2 beer is, and many of the other horses she has beat to a bloody pulp over her career as a snowboard journalist.

“I’d just like to thank everyone who voted for me,” Geery added. “I’ve been working my ass off lately, and I really need a vacation.”

  • steven H