Pat Moore’s Red-Headed Hump Day



Pat somewhere in the world. Photo Courtesy Forum Snowboards.

There are tons of pro snowboarders out there, and many of them never leave Breckenridge. Pat Moore is in a different class all together. A world traveler, a life explorer, and a damn lucky bastard. Pat’s career has taken him from the scorching deserts of Dubai, to the backwoods of China, and he hasn’t even begun to peak. An obvious favorite of Snowboarder Magazine Editor Pat Bridges and one of the few individuals on earth to ring the New York stock exchange bell, Pat has balanced extreme fortune with a calm, yet sometimes explosive, personality. Through it he has become one of today’s best riders and most enjoyable personalities.

Yobeat: Do you enjoy having red hair?

Pat: Um, yeah I like it. It’s funny we were in Europe hanging out with my roommate Hondo and his friend who is from England. Well apparently in England when you’re a red head it’s like you’re discriminated against. She told me I was a lower form of life because I was red headed. I didn’t realize that, but ya know.

Yobeat: How many years did you attend High Cascade as a camper?

Pat: I was a camper three years in a row, and then I started coming here as, well they had a team for a little bit, and I was kind of like a guest. Like one week they had me as a digger, one week I’d do something else or whatever, so I was pretty much a guest since that started.

Yobeat: Did you believe that one day you’d have your own Signature Session?

Pat: No, no definitely not. Well it’s funny, when we came out it was myself, Tyler, Hondo, who is my roommate now, and my other friend Tep, who works here (High Cascade), and it’s kind of funny to be back like five or six years later hanging out at camp. Being older.

Yobeat: Where did you grow up riding?

Pat: I grew up riding Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.

Yobeat: Why does the east coast breed so many good jumpers?

Pat: I see a lot of the kids coming up now and it’s funny to see what they ride and then what they’re good at. Like there are a ton of rails and stuff to hit there (Waterville Valley) but a lot of them are really good at riding like halfpipe and jumps where they don’t even have a halfpipe for like half the season, because it doesn’t come until February. So it’s pretty crazy. I don’t know how it works. I don’t know how the guys from Finland got so good from riding Talma. I think I got good at jumps when I was younger because that’s like what we had, that was like the main thing, we had good halfpipe and really good jumps. That was before the rail stuff, but the key features were a good halfpipe and we had really good jumps. Also, I lived in Mammoth for a while and obviously you get good at riding jumps there. Step by step.


Helicopters and shit, whatever…       p. Tim Zimmerman

Yobeat: You competed in the Red Bull Snow Scrapers this year, a contest that took place in downtown NYC, how was that?

Pat: The conditions weren’t that good. I actually worked with RedBull a little bit to get that event going and put in my own input for like riders and how the contest would be judged. It was cold, and we had to limit how tall we could make the drop in. So because of that limit and because this tow in thing didn’t work that we were counting on to make the show we had to rely on the ramp speed and it ended up being like whoever could make that happen. That being said, it shows you how good Shayne (Pospisil) and Terje are. Like people watching online, that thing was not easy to ride at all and just getting speed to clear the gap was a challenge. Those two figured it out and made it happen and I couldn’t be more happy to have Shane win that contest because he is an awesome rider and it was his hometown, like all his family and the dirty Jersey boys were there.

Yobeat: Did you ring the Stock Exchange bell?

Pat: Yeah, actually I just got the crystal. For everybody that rings the bell they send you this memorabilia crystal thing and I just got it in the mail the other day. It has my name engraved in it, and the reason why we rang the bell, and then like the date.

Yobeat: Does it blow your mind that you have actually rung the bell?

Pat: Yeah, totally, and I know for a fact that the people at the Nasdaq weren’t like, “Oh man Pat Moore’s in town he’s going to ring the bell, that’s awesome.” No, like obviously they were psyched to have Shaun (White) there and probably to have Travis (Rice) there, because Shaun is at a completely different celebrity level. But just the fact that I was able to be there and be apart of it that is a complete wow. I’ll never understand it and never understand why I was there but that’s fine because it was a completely awesome experience.

Yobeat: Why do you always feel good after you eat?

Pat: (Laughing) Who told you that?

Yobeat: Your roommate Eric Fernandez.

Pat: Uh, I dunno I think I’m a bit hypoglycemic. I think if I don’t have some good blood sugar or whatever it is, I get a little cranky.

Yobeat: How do you do a tailblock?

Pat: I don’t know, luck?


Just some luck.      p. Tim Zimmerman

Yobeat: Why are you so into Slayer?

Pat: I dunno, ever since like I think 8th grade when I got my first Slayer album. I got “Diabolous Musica,” it’s in Spanish or something like that, but um, that album was my first album and that was like a gateway drug of good music. From there on I have definitely gone through many phases of music, but Metal has always been a big portion of the music that I like. Slayer is just the best. The best band out there as far as Thrash Metal goes and I dunno. Like everything about them is sick, they’re just pretty raw dudes and Kerry King looks terrifying.

Yobeat: Even your board has a Slayer graphic on it right?

Pat: The new graphic doesn’t, the new graphic is this artist from Vermont who used to do Ross Powers’ graphics. He’s done some really sick ones that I was into when I was younger and I just got hooked up with him to do a design. But no we only did that one board and then that was it. Hopefully we can do another one.

Yobeat: Were you the original Forum YoungBlood?

Pat: The original YoungBlood team was myself, Louie Vito, Jake Blauvelt, and Travis Kennedy and then the Jeenyus team which was Dingo and Joe Eddy. We traveled around everywhere together doing all the different Am events. For some reason our parents handed us over to Ricky Melnik all the time.

Yobeat: Favorite Forum crew member?

Pat: I dunno if I have a favorite. I definitely think Pete is a huge inspiration to me, and I think to a lot of people in snowboarding. If it wasn’t for him there would be no Forum. So, I’ll just say Pete because without him their wouldn’t even be a Forum.

Yobeat: Why have you stuck with Forum for so long?

Pat: No other options (laughing). No, I dunno I’ve always been more than happy to ride for Forum and when I was younger and I rode for Burton I remember looking up to the Forum dudes and they were my favorite. Then once I was able to get on through that YoungBlood program it was huge and being able to meet all the guys like Peter (Line), JP (Walker), Devun Walsh, and Joni (Malmi), that was huge. Ever since then it has just been like a progression year to year with myself and the company. Now finally in the past couple years I’ve gotten comfortable with them and learned how to work well with Forum, even though it’s changed so much.


Pat with roommate Hondo.

Yobeat: What did you film for this past season?

Pat: Forum did another video. We are done with the filming portion, it’s called Forever, and we are just editing right now and getting that done.

Yobeat: How do you feel about your part?

Pat: I’m pretty happy with it. I didn’t really do contests or anything last year. I only did a couple, and so I got to focus on just filming and uh, I got lucky with snow and got lucky with tricks. That’s all it is, luck.

Yobeat: You seem very mild-mannered, but on film you are filled with rage, do you have some Mikey LeBlanc hiding inside of you?

Pat: He could be in me, he’s only like five feet tall. But no uh, I dunno I just freak out sometimes. I just get stressed. I’m sure that’s how Mikey is too. He’s super mellow and the nicest dude in the world, and then you watch his parts and you get intimidated by his attitude. But a lot of people who I know who have seen my video parts, even after knowing me for a long time, have never even seen me in that stressed-out scenario. So I dunno it’s just when the pressure’s on or whatever. I didn’t have any incidents like that this year though so that’s good. My filmers helped me calm down.

Yobeat: What was it like filming with Travis Rice?

Pat: It was three years ago that I filmed with him. I’ve heard he’s making a new movie so I’m going to cross my fingers and hope I’m a part of it. Travis helped me a lot because I came into filming with Grenade and then filming with him for the Community Project. So like going out into the backcountry for the first time ever with him and like building jumps and hitting jumps with him, even though I hadn’t been out, he kinda like showed me the way and that was huge. He’s a nut, he’s like, well I don’t think I have to tell anyone how crazy he is because they see it.

Yobeat: How did you end up driving a snowmobile across a lake?

Pat: Oh yeah, he (Travis Rice) made me do that. We were up in the interior of B.C. filming. We had like a week and a half to film and we had horrible snow and bad weather the whole time. By the end of the week we were just kinda freaking out because we didn’t have any shots and they brought in their crazy camera and two helicopters and all this crap. So originally Jake Blauvelt was going to do it and then Travis told me he wanted me to do it and I said the only way I’d do it is if I got to us his sled, and didn’t have to be responsible for it. So I just pinned it and I made it, I dunno I just got lucky. Luck comes in hand. We had a boat behind me. What’s funny is we had a buoy tied to a rope so that if it sank we could find it, and as soon as the buoy hit the water it came off and the rope came untied. So if it went under it was gone forever.


Pat puts his shoes on one at a time, just like the rest of us.

Yobeat: Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled because of snowboarding?

Pat: Coolest place is Dubai, for sure. We went out there to film for a Foursquare video called North South East West. That was insane, complete culture shock. I’d say either there or Japan. I love going to Tokyo.

Yobeat: What was the craziest thing you saw in Dubai?

Pat: Craziest thing in Dubai? Just the architecture. Downtown Dubai, which they’re building up, they had seven or eight skyscrapers that were all being built at the same time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you could actually watch these buildings grow if you were there for a month or something. They have the tallest building in the world and it’s not even completed yet.  And of course the crazy seven star sail boat hotel. That was pretty crazy.

Yobeat: Did you visit Dubai’s indoor mountain?

Pat: It was pretty crazy. The funny part is they had ski shops there and it’s like 115 degrees outside. You can go into this mall and buy like a brand new snowboard, boots, bindings, outerwear and people do, they go in and buy the stuff and then I’ve heard that they buy the stuff and then just leave it. But it was a trip, I’ve been to quite a few indoor domes, we did a whole trip around Europe to all the different domes with Snowboarder a few years back. The one in Dubai was one of the better ones I’ve ever been to. I mean it had a quad inside, a little park, it was pretty crazy.

Yobeat: How many times have you been to Tokyo?

Pat: I’ve been I think like six times or something like that? For like contests and movie premieres and stuff like that.

Yobeat: Have you done any dome contests with the light shows and screaming fans?

Pat: I’ve never done that. I’ve never been able to get into that one. I’ve done the Nippon Open.


No helicopters, just big drops. Photo Courtesy Forum Snowboards.

Yobeat: Are there any tricks you are afraid to do?

Pat: I hate McTwists, absolutely hate McTwists. So um, McTwists, regular backside rodeos. I’m really bad at backside three’s, backside anything I’m kinda weird on, um Cab. But the main one for me is McTwists — McTwists and backside rodeos.

Yobeat: What about the whole rail gig?

Pat: Uh yeah, I’m more confused about what’s going on. I was into rails when I was younger and that’s all I rode, but lately I’ve been more into riding backcountry just because it’s more available to me. But as far as rail tricks that I’m scared of, switch back lips are pretty scary. I think that ones pretty scary for me.

Yobeat: Do you have any experiences in the backcountry that scared the shit out of you?

Pat: Yeah this year we had a lot of that. This one cliff, it’s in Tahoe it’s pretty famous in South Lake. Well, we went there and were all psyched to hit it because the snow was good and we had been eyeing this thing because it was hard to get to sled wise. Then my first go at it, I over shot the landing, which is only like a ten foot landing, and went dead flat. The cliff is like 50 feet and the landing is like 10 or 15 so I fell like seven stories to flat and the snow was not deep at all. Then the next time I did it I actually tried to do the trick I wanted to try and landed on about two inches of snow on top of rock. That was a wake up call because I had never had that happen. Like things underneath the snow I wasn’t expecting and if anything had gone wrong that would have been a really bad experience.

Yobeat: Do you think that scared shitless vibe Forum forces has helped to keep your career and Forum afloat for so long?

Pat: Well I think the whole Forum team from the very beginning was all about progression and for a long time that was highlighted with rails by JP and in the backcountry with Devun and Chris Dufficy. I think coming into the new group that we have like Niko (Cioffi), Stevie Bell, Nicholas (Sauve) and them are doing crazy stuff on the rails while John (Jackson) and Jake (Blauvelt) are doing like crazy lines and big jumps and stuff like that. So I think that progression is just continuing to happen so even though it’s new faces. I think it’s just pretty much the same style of riding.


Gettin’ mad urban son, uh… Photo Courtesy Forum Snowboards.

Yobeat: What’s a memorable moment you’ve experienced internationally?

Pat: One of the coolest things I’ve ever had happen was when I was in China. We had the option to go to the Great Wall or to go snowboarding. Terje wanted to go to this hill that he had heard was cool and I had only met Terje once before. It was myself, Danny Davis, and Pat Bridges and we got to go ride this resort, like by ourselves, which had a fun park and a boardercross course with Terje. That was one of the coolest experiences just being a complete fan of his and being able to hang out with him for the first time.

Yobeat: Do you consider yourself lucky for all you’ve been able to see and do?

Pat: Oh yeah, being able to say that I’ve met, talked to, ridden with all the guys. It’s just a shock thinking about the people I’ve gotten to meet at such a young age, which is good and bad because when you’re younger you’re not fully with it. You’re sorta in your own world, and now that I’ve grown up a little bit I’ve maybe learned to be more respectful to older riders. But as I’ve grown up I’ve found such a respect for guys and now that I meet them it’s almost like more of an awestruck then when I was younger. Like this year I met Mike Hatchet and Kevin Jones at Super Park and I fully fanned out to both of them and I’ll remember that day forever. So yeah those things continue to happen as I get older.

Yobeat: Coolest thing RedBull has bought you?

Pat: Oh my Jet. No, no, no. When I was younger and I wanted to get into filming, they bought me my first snow mobile and that was like a huge huge help. Matt Barber hooked that up and I was able to go film with Travis. People don’t usually get that like silver spoon treatment.

Yobeat: Future plans?

Pat: Just trying to keep the progression going.

Yobeat: Sponsors?

Pat: Forum, Foursquare, RedBull, Volcom Street Wear, Electric Visual, Eastern Boarder, Waterville Valley, Ass Industries, One Ball Jay, HCSC, a bunch of them.

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