Cashing in on MJ


This whole Michael Jackson thing has really been more about who can get it out there quicker and while TMZ won that battle, we’re awarding Neff the title in snowboarding. They’ve already produced a Michael Jackson tribute T, which they say “is a perfect way to represent the King of Pop and let his legend live on.” Not sure how one can purchase this lovely item and let their hard earned money help Neff cash in on the death, but they’ll probably have details on their blog eventually.

Source: Neff via Updown

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  1. the n00b
    the n00b says:

    how sad. but is anybody surprised? someone needs to set up something like Lennon’s or Hendrix’s or Elliott Smith’s family foundations, so at least if you’re going to try to make a buck you can share it with some kind of charity.

  2. b.rego
    b.rego says:

    I knew this was going to happen, so the day he died, I searched “Michael Jackson R.I.P. T-shirt” on ebay. No results, the next day 4 pages of them, I can just imagine how many there is now. That’s America, not giving a fuck just trying to make that quick buck in the ocean we live in swarming with sharks.

  3. a.
    a. says:

    lol yeah…as if that horrible trick weren’t enough…

    Neff seems as tryhard and uninteresting as that trick, but really: kill the fake outrage. If you weren’t cracking MJ jokes as soon as that Egypt-theme video showed up, you should’ve been…

    “oh no! Michael Jackson’s Perfect Image has been sullied!!!”

    also snowboard-related: the dude was long gone by the time he christened himself “The King Of Pop.” After-the-fact. Just like “jib.”

    I WAS THERE!!!! (the snowboard part)

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