A Loose Hump Day with Chris Grenier



Built it himself, what did you do this winter?

At first glance one might take Chris Grenier to be an average kid. He doesn’t have any forced flare to set him apart, nor does he go out of his way to be the center of attention. But get to know the man and you’ll realize he has plenty up his sleeve. Filming in the buff, licking dog shit, building his own motorcycle, and signing up for drug trials are the norm in Chris’s life. Now a Salomon Am, Chris’s future is brightening, making “living the dream” and entertaining people that much easier. Look for Chris in this year’s Transworld flick “Get Real” out this fall.

Yobeat: So why did you end up licking dog shit?

Chris: I lost roshambo for shotgun 50 times. I wanted to raise the stakes because I was pissed, so I played Joe Carlino roshambo for dog shit and lost. I had to lick Jed’s dog Squirto’s dog shit, fresh, there’s a video on Vimeo I think.

Yobeat: What does dog shit taste like?

Chris: Oh dude, so gross dude. I just fucking ran and washed my mouth out with soap and with mouth wash. It was fucking nasty.


Japanese porn is all the rage…

Yobeat: Where did you learn to turn? How did you get to this point?

Chris: Uh, I grew up in Massachusetts snowboarding. I’d go up to Vermont to Mt. Snow, and ride there. I met Scott Stevens and Chris Beresford and like, Austin Granger. We all just got psyched in high school, boarding together and it just went from there. Scott started killing it and we just started trying to work our way up from there.

Yobeat: You and Scott were Academy teammates, how did that experience pan out?

Chris: Academy is the shit dude. I love JB, but um, yeah they were just a small brand. I think they are doing good, they’ve got Jonas (Michilot). But then Java (Fernandez) got the job at Salomon and hooked it up. But I love Academy still.

Yobeat: Are you an Am on Salomon?

Chris: I think so, yeah.

Yobeat: The Salomon Ams seem to be a tight crew of skinny stance riders, do you feel like the odd man out?

Chris: Dude, Bode (Merrill) rides Am, he’s a big stance guy. I dunno I think Salomon has a good blend of dudes, Jed (Anderson) rips, Desiree (Melancon) rips, Louif (Paradis) is insane, Bode is like the best snowboarder I’ve seen in my life, Harrison (Gordon) is amazing, Jarad (Hadi) is amazing. Everyone’s sick man, I’m hyped on the whole program. And the pro dudes kill it.


Salomon riders get to go to Japan. Pretty nifty huh?

Yobeat: Trying to make it as a snowboarder is tough, what is the weirdest way you’ve made extra money?

Chris: I was broke, as most dudes who try to live the dream are, and uh, I did a drug study where you spend seven days in the hospital for morphine, and then they give you a check for $2100 or something. It was mellow. I only did morphine three times and I can see how people get addicted to it, but I’m not down for that shit.

Yobeat: So you would just get zonked and then doctors would ask you how you felt?

Chris: Exactly. So you get injected three times. The first time you get a lot of morphine, the second time half as much morphine, and then one time it’s no morphine or something. They inject you and then they ask you all these questions and they have you write down, “How are you? How are you feeling?â€? All of these questions. They do it every half hour for six hours, I dunno it’s pretty funny. After that you have a full day off but you can’t leave the hospital and then you do it the next day and just Internet out. It was during that time that I got a Check Out in Snowboarder.

Yobeat: Chris on girls? You have a girlfriend?

Chris: Na I just had, oh, I just dated this Mormon chick from Salt Lake for six months. Fuck, she reads this she’s… Yeah but uh, she’s cool but she basically broke up with me over jacking off. I didn’t see her for two months or something, and she called me one day and asked, “What are you doing?â€? I was in a hotel room, by myself, and she was like, “Well, did you jack off?â€? and I was like “yeahâ€? and she was like, “What the fuck.â€? I was like you should be happy I’m jacking off and not down at the bar trying to pick up some chicks, and she was like, “Why didn’t you just wait.â€? I told her every dude with a computer, free internet, and a hotel room to themselves is going to jack off and like it blew up into this huge argument over jacking off and she said, “I know some guys that wouldn’t jack off.â€? I said that I was sure she knew other guys jack off schedules real well. Like how the fuck would you know that? So basically it erupted and escalated and I basically broke up with her over jacking off. So, now I don’t have a girlfriend and I jack off a lot.


Chris dropping jaws in front of Cobra Dogs.

Yobeat: People have thought YoBeat was a porn site. Do you think there is a market for a snowboard/porn site?

Chris: Uh, I think everyone is in the market for porn, so uh yeah, maybe.

Yobeat: If YoBeat makes porn we would obviously make two, the raw and the mainstream. What snowboarders could should we get to act in these?

Chris: Holy shit, um, the dirty one, get like Lucas Magoon and Laura Hadar.

Yobeat: And in the more professional video?

Chris: Probably like Darrell Mathes and Torah Bright. But I don’t know those people that much so it’s kind of weird.

Yobeat: Rumor has it you have been snowboarding naked this year, care to elaborate?

Chris: Last year I was just, like I dunno, I just wanted to get a trick naked. I thought it would be hilarious. I told everyone I was taking a shit in the woods and just came down naked and hit this thing. It was good times.

Yobeat: What tricks have you gotten in the nude?

Chris: Uh, nothing too cool, tailblocks, back disasters, so nothing cool.

Yobeat: What female pro would you like to see follow in your naked footsteps?

Chris: Who’s a dame? Anne-Flore, yeah Anne-Flore, and Marie-France Roy.


Action shot…

Yobeat: Who did you film with this winter?

Chris: Transworld’s movie called Get Real, filmed with Jed and Steven all winter. It was pretty fun, filmed with a couple other guys in the backcountry.

Yobeat: Transworld’s second release, better or worse than the first flick?

Chris: I dunno, I haven’t seen the movie. Could be good, it’ll be different, it’s going to be different, but it’ll be good. Shitty answer.

Yobeat: What can we expect from your part?

Chris: My part is going to be some tricks filmed, some rails, jumps, I don’t know man. Just filmed some tricks, sorta like any other video part.

Yobeat: You’ve licked dog shit, jumped go carts, snowboarded naked, do you have any other secrets?

Chris: I used to be really into weed. But, I don’t smoke weed anymore, so I’ve got lots of stories about that but I probably shouldn’t share that with you. Um, I’ve seen some fucked up things, but most of them are probably not publishable.

Yobeat: Have you ever been arrested?

Chris: Yeah, I got arrested de-knobbing a rail. Had to run from the cops with an angle grinder in my hand. I got criminal trespassing and criminal mischief and all this shit. That sucked, but that is a sorta boring story. It happened in Salt Lake City, at a school. Actually no I was arrested once before too, at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in Massachusetts. I was shit faced and 16 with a bag full of beers and seven joints. I got arrested and my dad had to come pick me up and shit, it sucked. Actually there are some more stories, but, I don’t smoke weed anymore. Make a note.


Looked huge in Japan.

Yobeat: You just built a motorcycle. How long have you been into bikes?

Chris: I had a dirt bike as a little kid, a little XR-80. So I had that, and now I have two other bikes, an XR-500 that is street legal and a little pit bike, and I’ve ridden those around Salt Lake the past three years. Then as of about six months ago I got into building custom bobbers and stuff.

Yobeat: How did you build your current bike?

Chris: Well my roommate Simon got really into chopping bikes, and Dave too. We got a bike in our garage, paid off the landlord, and they just started looking at pictures online and began chopping it. They got better and better and my bike was like the third one to get chopped and we pretty much had it dialed at that point. But, basically, I bought a GS Suzuki for $400 and some snowboard gear, and we chopped the frame and fucking made everything custom.

Yobeat: What’s special about the seat of your bike?

Chris: Well when we made the mounts of the seat it made like two eyes and a nose and it looks exactly like our dog Jax, so basically Jax our dog is re-incarnated through our seat, like how Jesus comes through shit for other people.

Yobeat: Why do you have a bell hanging from the bottom of your bike?

Chris: It’s like a motorcycle thing. Someone else buys you a bell, my roommate Simon bought me a bell. You put it on the lowest point of your bike and it wards off the evil spirits on the road.

Yobeat: Are you trying to be Jeremy Jones with this bike interest?

Chris: I think it’s cool those guys are into bikes, but I just try to do it for fun, I’m not trying to make a movie. Those guys build sick bikes but we are just on a different program or something.

Yobeat: Would you rather drive to Northstar with Jeremy Jones or go on the Wild Ride with Emerica?

Chris: That’s crazy because I idolize all those pro skaters, but I kind of looked up to Jeremy too. But I’d say Wild Ride. Yeah, Wild Ride.


Official digger van at HCSC. It’s a nice way to get to work.

Yobeat: What are you doing for the rest of the summer?

Chris: Digging at HCSC.

Yobeat: Why haven’t you been digging this week?

Chris: Sprained the shit out of my ankle.

Yobeat: How?

Chris: Skating the mini, got too hyped and rolled it.

Yobeat: Words to live by?

Chris: From that Volcom movie, “Keep your mind on that shit you want, and off the shit you don’t.â€? Snowboarding, skateboarding, whatever stay focused on that shit and fuck all the other bullshit because it won’t make you happy. Getting into drama with chicks, drugs, the party scene, that stuff isn’t going to make you happy.

Yobeat: Who’s paying for groceries?

Chris: Salomon, L1, Celtek, Magical Go Go wax, Fat Tracks Snowboard Shop, Cobra Dogs, Volcano Cones.

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