Tweet Tweet: Twitter Goes Snowboarding


A recent issue of Time magazine featured a cover-story by Steven Johnson on “How Twitter Will Change The Way We Live.” Johnson argues that “The most fascinating thing about Twitter is not what it’s doing to us. It’s what we’re doing to it.” Indeed, the impacts of the new social-networking/micro-blogging format are fascinating. But being snowboarders, why the hell should you care about anything besides what the sickest new teaser is, or when the new all-over-print Easter Egg colorway sweater is coming out? Here are reasons why Twitter is the best* thing to happen to snowboarding. Ever.

  • More Internet snowboarding means less time real snowboarding. Yes!
  • Yobeat is on Twitter.
  • It is the new Myspace. Twitter is a free, easy-to-use tool that can help you promote your sweet t-shirt/rail jam company.
  • Your favorite pro snowboarders (i.e. Louie Vito, Josh Sherman) are on Twitter. Now you can find out how many push-ups they did at gym and how they are partying with some C-list celebrity.
  • In “following” your favorite pro snowboarder, you create the illusion that you are at long last, friends with a pro.
  • Looking to examples of fellow action sport types on Twitter, the potential entertainment that would come with more snowboarders on Twitter is immense. Let’s examine Twitter’s role in skateboarding. Recently, the Twitter community found out that Rob Dyrdek partied with John Mayer and may have had his stomach pumped. Ryan Sheckler keeps us in the loop with what department stores will carry his clothing line and what absurd tattoo he just had inked. Jereme Rogers let the Twitter world know that he took mushrooms, preached from a rooftop and now has retired from skateboarding. Just think about the inane things that pro snowboarders could Tweet…
  • It is another way to open yourself up to a flood of press releases from mega-corporations looking to capitalize on Generation Y announcing their newest collaboration project.
  • You could have interviewed Bjorn Lienes yesterday. But it’s too late now. You blew it.
    Sarah Morrison is on Twitter.
  • The limitation to 140 characters per Tweet makes Twitter ideal for snowboarders, as most snowboarders are illiterate, semi-retarded, and trying to use a bunch of nonsense “street” slang.

Of course, the true beauty of Twitter is that you make what you want of it. You could throw a Twitter party: a party organized on Twitter, where participants meet, but interact solely through Twitter. Or you could register for an account and never use it. Regardless, Twitter is undoubtedly the best* thing to happen to snowboarding, perhaps even mankind.


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    adt at method says:

    “most snowboarders are illiterate, semi-retarded, and trying to use a bunch of nonsense “streetâ€? slang” so true and so are you ahahhahaha

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