Twitter Use #1003: Live Interview with Bjorn Lienes

Let us guess. You signed up for a Twitter account because everyone was doing it. Maybe you posted like three things, followed a few people, and then thought, this is fucking stupid. It’s ok, Twitter isn’t going to change the world like the social media experts will have you believe. But the crew at Rome is trying to make it at least a little more interesting by giving you a chance to interview Bjorn Lienes live at 2 pm pacific time today.

We’ve all read shred interviews before and thought, “I could come up with better questions than this crap.â€? Well, now’s your chance to prove it by throwing some interview questions at a Rome team rider and hear the answers almost immediately.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Log on to Twitter at the designated time

2. Submit your question in the “What Are You Doing?â€? box

3. End your question with a #Rometeam

4. Bjorn will fire back his answers to your questions

Where did he ride this past season? What’s his favorite cereal? Where’s the best pow? TP: fold it or bunch it? Does this look infected? (Of course you’ll need to include a photo for the last one.) The questions are all up to you.

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