Two time, Two Time Champion: Jay Cagney

It’s been awhile since we’ve given away a snazzy new Dakine Camera pack but after four weeks of heated battles, Jay Cagney’s mini shred master piece has earned it’s way into the Champions Gallery. He also becomes the first photographer to make it twice. What did he had to overcome? Let’s take a moment to look back —

Week 1:  Asistin vs Cagney

Week 2: Cagney vs Michalski

Week 3: Cagney vs. Doyle

Week 4: Cagney vs Chrabaszcz

It took plenty of Myspace bulletins, message board threads and hate comments, but in the end, a worthwhile prize is on its way to Mr. Cagney. Here’s the story behind the shot.

This shot was taken during my winter break home from school, where my friends and I just go snowboarding every day. My friend Tom is also into photography and has these nice big strobes, so we combined our photo equipment to try and get a very lit up shot. Our mountain, Mountain Creek, makes all of its own jibs and puts out a couple new fun features every year. This year they put out a street spine complete with some spray paint artwork. We wanted to show off that work while getting our friend Brett Stuart up in the air doing his tailgrab to fakie. Kid’s only 16 and has tons of style.

The moral of the story, good things do happen in Jersey. Check out more of Jay Cagney’s work here.

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