It’s Alive! (The New Forum Site)

Normally we wouldn’t announce a new website just because, you know, it exists. Even with Twitter, Facebook and a million other ways to get the information out there, who has the time! But we feel like the video of Peter Line explaining the Chili Dog continuous rocker is too good to miss, and for that reason we’re posting how Forum Snowboards just launched it’s new site for 2010! And by doing that we feel totally ok for embedding the video here as well. So watch the video and then check out the flashy new site  here (or do that in the reverse order. Up to you really.)

ChillyDog from Forum Snowboards on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, and here’s the official word about how much work it was and how excited you should be as well:

BURLINGTON, VT (June 15, 2009) — Forum’s 2010 website is now live! Check the entire softgoods line-up for the 2010 season, as well as the all-new Tech section featuring infotainment videos on the Shaka binding, Tweaker boot and Chillydog boards.

Also, keep your snow stoke up with the Forever Forum movie trailers posted every other Friday featuring the entire Forum crew.

This site was a lot of work. We hope you like it. We’re going to relax for a bit, but we’ll be back in July with all hardgoods, more videos, more photos and more sex. Keep up with what’s going on by signing up for the email list on our new site. We’ll only send you good stuff … promise.

Click it:

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    unsuspinods says:

    Howdy everyone,

    Im new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself, i’m Joseph form UK. I look forward too makeing a contribution here.

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