A Special Hump Day: Sarah Morrison Interviews Peter Line

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To watch this video in HD, or for an embeddable version, check it out on our Vimeo page here.

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  1. Staedtler
    Staedtler says:

    Blitzed, awkward, terrible interview. Peter Line is a hillarious, creative, intelligent guy, I can’t help but thinking you guys let a good opportunity slip here. Get Nick Lipton to interview him.

  2. Zimmerman
    Zimmerman says:

    I am embarrassed, confused and entertained: all at once. At the very least it’s 7:01 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  3. sarah
    sarah says:

    i thought “tim” and “zimmerman” were the same person and were in fact “tim zimmerman.”

    my bad. sorry bout the crabs carry on.

  4. Mr HIPHOP
    Mr HIPHOP says:

    wtf?? This is more awkward than the office, but not funny!! Peter is my hero and you (sarah) is now the person i hate the most today… but i would do you!!

  5. Zimmerman
    Zimmerman says:

    No Sarah, I’m not hating. I’m still just confused. The other Tim, the guy with the crabs, is bummed. Shit dude, just get a razor and some cream…

  6. the n00b
    the n00b says:

    “you (sarah) is now the person i hate the most today… but i would do you!!”
    when people say stuff like this, it totally makes my day

  7. A.
    A. says:

    it seems a pretty standard “in the garage, late, at the party” conversation…

    As for: are they intimate? I don’t think they are doing bonemoves, at least at the time of the filming…she didn’t google him, and she appears to be drinking something non-alcoholic. If dude spiked her punch, or if she had an idea of his vast wealth and power, this would’ve been a porno, straight up. Already on set, pretty much… I’ve seen that one, the garage scene. Fake greasy oil marks on the face and shit…I’ve seen that one.

    …but I’m saying no.

    srsly tho the posture is horrible here.

  8. tim
    tim says:

    i have the larger style crab too, i think they are more like some kind of migratory labia lobster, or a crotch crawdad

  9. Mr HIPHOP
    Mr HIPHOP says:

    “you (sarah) is now the person i hate the most today… but i would do you!!�

    “i prolly would hate u more and wouldnt let u finger bang me tho.”

    Just take the fu#king compliment!! please…

  10. Josh
    Josh says:

    This is the worst thing i have ever almost watched all of. Peter Line is a legend but man this SUCKS! fire that girl please.

  11. c
    c says:

    PL is an artist, legend and good friend. He changed the way people snowboard & more importantly, how people view it. People will go bigger or farther, but no one will have his style, both in life & on a snowboard.
    Love you brother.

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