Firing Squad: June 9, 2009

If riders and photographers shoot what’s accessible, then we have to run what’s accessible to us. Since Cole Barash and Andy Wright aren’t emailing us this year’s bangers, we’ll run the bangingest amateur bangers on the most questionable terrain and features out there.
So which photographer did a better job lighting up graffiti? This one is for the champions gallery, so think before you click!

The Champ

The Challenger

The Challenger

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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

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  1. Martin & Co.
    Martin & Co. says:

    Dilbo, the biggest issue with a lack of quality photography, riders and writers has to do with connections. It’s all about who you know now.

    Some kid might be a great shred but he doesn’t have the posse to hype him to every shop owner and as a result, he will get fed up and quit shredding everyday and spending a thousand bucks a year on gear instead of working.

    If you are a good rider, do you have a good filmer, a good photographer and web tech friend willing to help you out? Not likely. The whole “community� thing has sort of been shot out the window. There isn’t so much of a community as much as there is a competition. Snowboarders have a tendency to be creative and resilient though. Be patient, perhaps in two or three years some kid will move west (As we all know by now, anyone with any creative merrit grew up on the east coast) meet a good group of guys and start some community/video/web project that will lift all of our chins up.

    Until then, I don’t really know what to suggest? Stop worrying about it and just snowboard I guess.

  2. i ate your mom's salvaggio
    i ate your mom's salvaggio says:

    bitch, bitch, bitch. hate, hate, hate. get the fuck over the fact that you suck at snowboarding and can’t stand on a skateboard for more than 5 consecutive seconds.
    go back to 21 JOKE street.

  3. dilbo baggins
    dilbo baggins says:

    If “extreme sports” are hurting like the rest of the world’s industries, I would expect the quality and diversity of voices to be somewhat limited. The lack of community isn’t the end of things, certainly the lack of snow is a greater concern. But like Martin and Co said…I did grow up in MA and moved to WA to ride. I am trying to network with the various crews here to make something for the common good of our movement. Competition and difference of opinion have been inhibiting factors locally, and there are many challenges for even the most talented individuals. Resistance to change makes this more rewarding anyways, and using our brains makes life better for everyone.

    I’m not bitching because I just want to bitch. I can enjoy a beer and hit some rail listening to hip hop and still make the choice to think critically. I ride boards enough to know what the addiction is like, and that, in itself, is something that each one of us will never lose. I did start these activities because they were not something you did at school with a bunch of mules. These were independent sports for unique individuals who didn’t feel like they needed to follow what every one else was doing. If this is still true today, wouldn’t we want these sports/activities /lifestyles to be both financially rewarding while maintaining some their original roots? Is this industry just like all the others? I’m not trying to take away from other people’s positive experiences, but I think it is healthy to ask these questions.

    PS. Big Brother magazine (R.I.P) always was dirty as fuck, but they kept it real. I liked the brutal honesty and rawness. Cheers!

  4. comment board
    comment board says:

    Do away with the comment board so people will stop bitching so fucking much, why the fuck do you guys have to hate so much, who the fuck cares what you have to say about the sport and the politics of it just some fucking bitching bitches

  5. really????
    really???? says:

    the challenger is wall ride to ballerina out….. would of been a great shot if the photographer got himwhile he was on the wall.

    so much potential down the drain

  6. ya boy ed.
    ya boy ed. says:

    i think the challenger photo would have been better from a diff angle.
    this does no justice to the riders trick.

  7. Staedtler
    Staedtler says:

    comment board, what the fuck is wrong with people talking politics once and awhile or giving some thought to the activities they partake in everyday? Fuck, you’re not only a hypocrit for giving the most hate and bitch fueled response in recent yobeat history but you prove that the readers on this site are not a whole lot different from the ones on Transworld that just want to throw comments around like “sick”, “JP totally did this four years ago” “stop bitching, ya’ll!” and the ever endearing “STOP SAYING “FIRST””

  8. TZ
    TZ says:

    the challenger. no contest. (from a photography point of view)
    the lighting is much more subtile and complements the textures on the wall. It is framed much better (rule of thirds)
    the warm light helps feeling of the whole shot, colder light on the rider makes him stand out very nicely.

  9. adam
    adam says:

    This looks like a contest who deletes cookies and reconnects the internet more times, I’m kitting on tarifa from 11th so just watching as new votes come by. Over 500 votes..

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