Ten Reasons Rollerblading is like Being Unemployed


Who needs a job when you are having this much fun!

Rollerblading is apparently making a come back. This is evidenced by the fact that YoBeat has been getting traffic from a rollerblade message board. We at YoBeat do not condone rollerblading, and since Kevin has recently become a victim of the economy, he had some time to succinctly sum up a just one of the reasons why.

Ten Reasons Rollerblading is like Being Unemployed

1. People assume that you’re lazy.
2. It is something you never, never mention on a first date.
3. You can wear whatever you want because no one cares.
4. Your father will eventually stop supporting you.
5. Your friends get weird when the subject comes up.
6. Your mother just cries and cries.
7. You spend all day watching tv and playing video games.
8. Oprah could help you but she won’t.
9. It gets more depressing the older you get.
10. If you snowboarded at least you could work for Yobeat.

But remember kids, it is better to have had a job and lost it then to have picked up rollerblading.

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  1. FAIL
    FAIL says:

    Haha, I am not laughing at the list. I am laughing at how retarded this so called “investigative field reporter” is. That was a fail if I have ever seen one. Go investigate how not to fail at providing the lulz.

  2. gahaha
    gahaha says:

    I rollerblade and found that funny.

    UDP Flood attack would also provide plenty of lulz.

  3. Rafa
    Rafa says:


    plus, rollerblading is actually getting pretty fucking legit, not lame like it used to be.

  4. Crazy
    Crazy says:

    It’s weird how all “extreme sports” still try and target rollerblading, especially sports that don’t even use the same type terrain like snowboarding/skiing. Whens the last time anyone even seen rollerblading in the mainstream media? Kinda pointless to make fun of something no one even knows about anymore.

  5. Adam
    Adam says:

    Im guessing Alan is a skateboarder, i mean baton twirler.

    Dont hate cuz rolling is on a bigger level than “kickflipping over 5 stairs”.

    The hardest part about skateboarding is telling your parents you’re gay.

  6. Kevin Peckham
    Kevin Peckham says:

    It’s true I shouldn’t make fun of rollerblading because it’s such an easy target, and it really isn’t as funny to make fun of something that most people don’t care about. Which is why I spend most of my time making fun of more popular topics like snowboarding, religion, and my own unemployment. Thanks to all the rollerblading brothers and sisters who took this posting for what it was: a joke. Besides, there’s one thing that unites skateboarders, bikers, and rollerbladers: fear and loathing of razor scooters. But I’ll never make fun of them. It would just be too mean.

    – Investigative field reporter out.

  7. the n00b
    the n00b says:

    i don’t know which suprises me more, that people are still making the same rollerblade jokes, some rollerbladers are still getting all kinds of emotional about it, or that they’ve finally taken one of the jokes an substituted “rollerblading” for “skateboarding”

  8. fergus
    fergus says:

    not emotional just it was pretty crap. funniest shit i seen has been done by skateboarder.’ we got 8 wheels, we blow those bozo’s outta here’ ha. anyway lets talk about how fucking good julien haricot is.

  9. craig brocklehurst
    craig brocklehurst says:

    yeah man rollerblading is SOOO FUCKING GAY, that picture is from the 90s, how fucking bored are you.

    I dont mean to get riled up but im so sick of ‘extreme’ sports following the skateboarding’s league.

    watch a rollerblading section from chris haffey or brian aragon on youtube and you still wanna talk shit then your either jealous or severly retarded.

    get fucked!

  10. ado
    ado says:

    HAHA Razor Scooters, or fucking Heely’s/ Soaps. I don’t hate on the scoots or shoe boots but its getting a bit much. We already have bogus products like Ripstick taking over the younger markets.

  11. Ny StEeZ
    Ny StEeZ says:

    Not even funny… Lets see one of you skate boarders 540 onto a down rail…. Skate boarders pop mad trash about us but when it comes down to it, we skate sicker spots… Its sad how you find my sport to be girly when you guys skate ledges that are like 6 inches tall lmaoooo.. Now thats funnnyyy…..

  12. Tedmajor
    Tedmajor says:

    YES!!!! YO BEAT I JUST STARTED PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU BECAUSE YOU POSTED THIS AWESOME ARTICLE. All haters are just that, haters. Thank you for understanding this fact and accepting Rollerblading 🙂

  13. Tedmajor
    Tedmajor says:

    PS I love snowboarding.

    and Rollerblading is pretty fucking awesome too.

    Two best things in the world right there
    (not including pussy 😉

  14. Ripstick Skateboard
    Ripstick Skateboard says:

    I can’t tell which is worse at the moment, rollerblading or rollerskating. My hunch is that rollerskating has become so gay that it’s now cool. Rollerblading, however, is still lame due to the fact some people still think it’s cool.

  15. Richol
    Richol says:

    wow, its not even called “rollerblading”… its inline skating.

    Rollerblade is a specific brand of inline skate.

  16. Quack Head
    Quack Head says:

    many years after this post, I kept rollerblading through all the ridicule. Even today, while rolling back from school I had a couple of white kids point and laugh at me. It is what it is, I guess I should of learned how to push wood. I mean I own a bike and stuff, I just love to rollerblade, I wont stop ever, no matter how hard you laugh at me.

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