Firing Squad: June 2, 2009

So lets be honest. Now that it’s summer, we were sort of hoping the skate shot would win and we could have a skate battle for a couple weeks. But whether it was horizon line, flash artistry or social networking, our champ’s reign continues. So it’s back to battles of flash wizardry with the challenger’s shot entering the ring. So look closely, think hard, and then vote for the photo you think is better. That’s right, we’re giving you power, and remember, every vote counts!

The Champ

The Challenger


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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

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  1. dilbo baggins
    dilbo baggins says:

    Not so sure about the last few posts…
    This does bring up something: I bet there are a lot of worthy snow/skate images out there, we don’t see them though. I know there so many underexposed (no pun intended) riders, writers, and photographers who deserve credit.

    What happened to the abundance of high-quality photography (and journalism) in snowboarding? What happened to journalism anyways? Why is almost nothing “sacred” anymore, yet everyone always fronts on how “real” they are.

    Does anyone else thinks about this? Do you think we should be worried about the content, media ownership and regulation? Or is it all fun and games as long as we get paid?

    Getting all deep on ya. I await the barrage of fired up comments…

  2. rouki
    rouki says:

    same as carl. the skate shot was actually good photography, this 2 shots are just crap … 🙁

  3. Sal Masekela
    Sal Masekela says:

    are these seriously what you have to pick from every week? I’d be quite embarrassed to even show that second shot to my girlfriend. I vote for new content on this site. throw out all the crap thats been submitted so far, and lets make this a renowned, legit, “battle”. This is like dirtnasty rapping against andy milonakis. How do you even judge that kinda shit!?

  4. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Yea seriously, the selection has been kinda sub-par lately. The only thing the second shot has to offer is a big shadow. Now that may have been sick in Robbies photo, but he also framed it up sick and everything. Theres just way too much direct light in this shot, the flash needs to be alittle further back for sure, and the framing is mediocre at best.

    Lets get some serious competition in here! We should have champions gallery contenders every week

  5. pootie tang
    pootie tang says:

    #2 is Craaaaap. Dude should have hit the ‘trash’ button about 5 seconds after it was taken.

  6. Martin & Co.
    Martin & Co. says:

    Dilbo, the biggest issue with a lack of quality photography, riders and writers has to do with connections. It’s all about who you know now.

    Some kid might be a great shred but he doesn’t have the posse to hype him to every shop owner and as a result, he will get fed up and quit shredding everyday and spending a thousand bucks a year on gear instead of working.

    If you are a good rider, do you have a good filmer, a good photographer and web tech friend willing to help you out? Not likely. The whole “community” thing has sort of been shot out the window. There isn’t so much of a community as much as there is a competition. Snowboarders have a tendency to be creative and resilient though. Be patient, perhaps in two or three years some kid will move west (As we all know by now, anyone with any creative merrit grew up on the east coast) meet a good group of guys and start some community/video/web project that will lift all of our chins up.

    Until then, I don’t really know what to suggest? Stop worrying about it and just snowboard I guess.

  7. damniel
    damniel says:

    the seleection definetly improve its like would you rather get laid by george clooney or wear rootshoodiez at a snowboard contesy watching

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