Forum and High Cascade are Serious Business this Summer

BURLINGTON, VT (May 26, 2009) — Forum Snowboards and High Cascade Snowboard Camp are once again partnering up for the 2009 summer season. Along with a Pat Moore/Peter Line signature session, High Cascade will offer several of Forum’s new 2010 products in their demo closet. This means serious business.

“Business is serious and we mean business,” states Forum Brand Manager David Friend. “We even told the GM about this one BEFORE we did it.”

“He did,” adds Sam Paschel, Forum General Manager. “I’m not sure why, though.”

For those looking to get that flowy playful feel with added snap and stability, four of Forum’s boards with new ChillyDog continuous rocker will be available to demo in a range of sizes, including the transition-killing Destroyer ChillyDog and the swashbuckling Scallywag. In addition, the first ten lucky campers per session to get out on a ChillyDog board and experience continuous rocker will get a free Cobra Dog AND an original print made by Peter Line.

“Art is serious business,” says Preston Strout, HCSC Director. “When David said there would be Peter Line art involved, I knew they meant business … serious business.”

Forum will also be debuting its brand new award-winning Shaka binding, allowing the ultimate in natural board flex. And for the first ten campers per session to get out and experience the “Good Vibes” of the Shaka’s hinged disc, they’ll get a pair of Shaka flip-flops.

“I can’t wear flip-flops myself,” states Strout. “My toenails look like dragon teeth. But campers with nice toenails are very fortunate and should display them proudly.”

“I agree 100%,” adds Paschel. “Are you really quoting me about toenails?”

“No,” says Strout. “It’s about business.”

Then the two businessmen combined businesses, forces and souls in only the world’s second virtual high-five. No media was allowed access at the time.

To stay on top of the latest Forum and HCSC happenings, check out the respective on-goings at and All Forum ChillyDog boards will be available to check out this summer at

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