Eric and Horgan’s Firing Squad Run

Eric Asistin had a nice little run in some of our most-voted up battles in weeks, but this week it came to an end. So we asked Eric to tell us all about the shot that earned him some fine Dakine gloves.

Horgan and I had just got done doing some boarding at the hill and wanted to try to get something done…Tahoe hadn’t received any substantial snowfall yet and he saw this bank in Old Town Truckee that the snowplows started to build up that he wanted to try something on.  We started in the early afternoon getting this runway built up on the side of the road as to not hinder any traffic.  It was slow going, but then Brendon Drury showed up as well to help speed up the process.  Our process did get held up a bit as this Fed Ex Truck got stuck almost right on the runway and we had to help the dude out cause he didn’t have chains on the truck.  Once we got he Fed ex dude out…it was pretty much ready to.  I had 3 lights setup in a triangle to try to wrap around the subject & at this point the ambient light was starting to fall.  Once the guys had warmed up a bit I was shooting to really freeze everything in the scene.  Freezing it completely looked OK but I wanted to try to experiment a bit so I had this idea of matching the ambient with flash to 50-60%.  The dudes started throwing handplants & just dorked out for a  quite  bit and we started to  get the freeze drag effect.  Once the light fell to darkness, I let the shutter really drag to 1/2 a sec to pick up the the lights that were in the parking lot below and let it go and streak as I panned with the action.  It reminded me of surf slashing and we just ran with it.  The guys were throwing slashes & laughing at each other and the best slash ended up going to Horg.  We were  stoked to have gotten something and I was stoked to finally have gone out with Horg & Drury as this was our 1st day shooting together.  Good times & good friends.

Check out more of Eric’s work at his site