Atmosphere’s Hips and Lips


Scotty Wittlake and Jimmy Fontaine were in attendance.

There was a contest on Sunday. It was the first annual Hips and Lips. Atmosphere clothing put it on with help from the Timberline park crew. A giant hip was built, lots of kids showed up, and a couple of pros rode by. Many of the would-be “good kids” were afraid of the hip and wouldn’t drop in. Transition is a bitch when you have no edge control. Too bad for the self-conscious kids because the event was fun.


Look at that grab, seriously, you can’t do that. p. Darcy Bacha

All walks of life showed up for this event. “Johnny Rocket,” a very young ski racer, couldn’t get much air, but when you’re two feet tall people are stoked that you even showed up. Kid Rocket also announced that he liked snowboarding and will soon be ditching the skis for a board. Also, some girl stepped up the game plan by spinning upside down a lot, something many of the boys couldn’t dream of doing. Sacking up can be hard when you’re trying to look “hella steezy.”


“Johnny Rocket” was awesome.

A few of the ten million riders did manage to put on a skillful show. Some kid named Johnny from Michigan double cork 1080’d to his face, breaking his ribs and sending him packing.  Break-neck Mt. Hood local Jerry Thompson took the show by actually landing his tricks. No one knew Jerry could leave the ground, but he quickly put that rumor to rest with double overhead this and thats. A few other soldiers launched as well, but they generally ate shit. Oh yeah, Matt Guess spun and flipped his way to a bloody lip and a lot of cheering from the crowd. The rest of the competition played a game of “who can catch the least air.” Yobeat will save you from that boredom. In a nutshell, the contest was fun and people loved the product toss. Consider this contest a success, especially since Atmopshere held a delicious bento cookout in the parking lot.


Jerry Thompson, big winner, can now pay off his debt, sorta.

Below are a few photos provided by contributing photographer Darcy Bacha.


Matt Guess going upside down and sideways. p. Darcy Bacha


A mean tailgrab by someone talented. p. Darcy Bacha


Darrell Mathes nicknamed this guy “Sasquatch” he was actually really good. p. Darcy Bacha

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  1. Andrew Maness
    Andrew Maness says:

    “Sasquatch” or “Dog Guy” is none other than my homie Evan Williams from Arlington, Vermont. Evan lives in Boise, Idaho and is a snowboarder’s snowboarder. Look for a profile on Evan soon on

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