Fight Club: Vito vs Sherman


photo: Dave Lehl

For this installment of YoBeat Fight Club, we decided to pit Omatic riders Louie Vito and Josh Sherman against each other. Everyone we asked agreed, these two are well matched in height and weight, but the similarities stop there. The predictions were quite mixed. Here’s what people who know them well (and not so well) had to say.

“Louie Vito is possibly the champion in this situation. Josh bleaches his hair if my sources are correct, and Louie hangs out with Lil John. Louie for sure man” -Justin Meyer

“Sherm. No contest. He is like a 5th degree black belt. But in a war of midgets, they both lose because at the end of the day they still cant reach the faucet. I love you both!” — Todd Richards

“Vito, because Sherman would just worry about his hair.” — Desiree Melancon

“First off great question, but Louie for sure. They seem pretty well met in terms of size and strength but I just think that Louie has a little more gangsta in him or at least in his get up.” – Tricia Byrnes

“Both are small. Vito is more gangsta, but Sherm pulls more chicks, I think. I don’t really know either of them that well, so I am gonna say Sherm. He wears wife beaters to parties, it’s real street. — Sean Tedore

“I know them both very little enough to base this judgment off of their looks and stories. Vito was in a Lil’ John music video, and has a big medallion necklace; which I would assume he’d swing that shit at Sherman. Sherman is a smooth talking ladies’ man, and might be able to mellow out the situation and make a best friend… or just fake that and use that big bling chain to choke out Vito.” — Robbie Sell

“Vito, 1- cause he is Italian, and 2 cause he is EAST COAST!- Sherm loses because 1- cause he dyes his hair.” — Andrew Mutty

“Here’s what I think. I want to say Sherman because most people don’t know this about him, but he’s like a psycho belt in karate and can do flips and shit. But, there is just something about the size of Louie’s forehead that makes me think he could unleash retarded fury at any moment, which, in my opinion would overrule Sherman’s karate moves. I’m going to go with Vito. Sherm could win a sparring match, but Louie would win the death battle. It’s ok to use the word retarded right?” — Java Fernandez

“If Vito hit Sherman good and hard once, then Vito. If not Sherman. Sherman would blow his wad if he felt he was going to lose.” –Tim Windell

“That’s a toughie. They are both in the same weight and height class so physically it might be a pretty close call. Sherman is a fighter though. He doesn’t back down easily. He’d probably pull it off. If it were a popularity contest then Vito would win, hands down.” — Adryan Ritter

“Well they are both very tough, but if I’m not mistaken I believe Sherman was a former karate champ back in the motherland of Wisconsin. So Id have to put my money on Josh, just cause of that. But if Louie got some good training it would be a great battle!!” — JJ Thomas

So what really happened when these two got together? We happened to video tape it! Video by Austin Will.

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