Abe Blair Pretzel’s Out

You may not know much about Abe Blair, but we feel like we should admit, he works for the Firing Squad’s sponsor Dakine. That means a camera bag or gloves are not enticing him to enter the contest, he’s just doing it for fun! A novel concept really. Anyway, if he didn’t already get free Dakine stuff, he would have won a pair of gloves for his shot of Bret Butcher in fair Bellingham before his run came to and end last week. Here’s how it came about:

I rolled up to Baker for some backcountry shooting with some of the Think Thank guys three years ago.  It ended up snowing all the way down to sea level so we started looking for urban features in Bellingham.  We came across this rail and Brett Butcher was into it.  He said Corey Smith had hit it a year or two earlier.  We started setting up and quickly got kicked out.  We regrouped and came back later that night.  Speed was an issue but Bret powered through and was able to get a few FS Board’s with a Pretzel out.  I was stoked on the feature because I was able to set up a flash bare bulb behind the fence and backlight it while lighting Brett’s face also.  I then added another flash and made a scrim out of some old cardboard I found in a dumpster near by, so it lit just the back corner of the building to help put some more depth into the photo.  The shot ended up being a little off center because I had to continue running  back and forth from my flash and my angle, which was on the ground between two parked cars.

To see more of Abe’s work, check out his site. www.blindmanphotos.com