Sarah Morrison is Too Cool For Us


The other day Todd Richards asked us when Sarah was going to “update her shit.” Since he basically runs this site now, we figured it was time to break the news that Best Week Ever has been retired from YoBeat. Nothing personal, we grow, move on etc. And rumor has it, Volcom has a new girl’s blog courtesy of Ms. Morrison.

If you are one of the 10 people who constantly complained that Sarah’s column had nothing to do with snowboarding, we don’t recommend you follow the link we are about to post. But if you find Sarah as hilarious and entertaning as we do, you can keep up on all her antics here:

Heart you Sarah!

5 replies
  1. rouki
    rouki says:

    baaah, no. best week ever was the best feature on yobeat. by far. fuck snowboarding, who cares ?

  2. danny
    danny says:

    only ten people complained about sarah morrison? did only twelve people read it and the other two work for yobeat. did sarah get jealous of todd actually being interesting or something?

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