Milbery’s Signature Feature at Windells


Is it just us, or does this whole “signature” thing at summer camp sound familiar? Whatever though. Pat Milbery is cool, and creative things to snowboard on are too. And bravo to Windells for making lazy pro snowboarders do some physical labor too! Check out all the info on the new “Signature Features Session” at Windells this summer.

MT HOOD, OR — May 2009 — Pro Snowboarder Pat Milbery is heading back to Mt Hood for his 9th year of coaching at Windells. Besides his positive vibes and endless talent, this year Milbery will bring something new to the mountain — the ‘Signature Feature Session’.

Milbery and Windells are inviting pros and sponsors to the mountain to design and build their very own snow feature. Windells will help them build it and campers will help the pros ride it.

“It’s new this year and never been done before,” says Milbery, “It’s a totally unique concept, essentially it’s a pro designed feature that’s just for the kids. It’s awesome to think some kid can come out and ride a feature that his favorite pro designed.”

Milbery says summer is also the perfect time to launch the program, “Snowboarding in summer is amazing. The warm weather brings out more positive vibes and Mt Hood is a great place to meet people, learn about your life and the snowboard lifestyle.”

There are also advantages to snowboarding in the summer to improve your skills, “It’s easier to try out new tricks. You don’t have to look out for ice, the snow is softer and it doesn’t hurt as much to fall,” says Milbery.

Milbery is sponsored by Arbor Snowboards, Skullcandy Headphones, Von Zipper (VZ), Winter Park Resort, Flux Bindings, Spacecraft, Red Bull, Capix Helmets, L-R-G, Pow Gloves, and Satellite & Installation shops.
The ‘Signature Feature Session’ starts the first summer session, which begins June 6th.

Besides having its private feature park on Mt Hood, Windells has a sprawling 53 acre campus with ample activities including, a 15,000 sq. ft. indoor skate and BMX facility, sprawling dirt bike trails, outdoor street course, a demo shed and much more.

Campers can stay overnight or just attend the week-long camps daily. The camp includes instruction, food, prizes, supervision, video review, camp activities and more. To register go to

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  1. turd ferguson
    turd ferguson says:

    hey guys he’s got a point. why bother learning how to do creative tricks on stock features when you can just build some dumbass triple gateway box with a creeper ledge that everyone’s gonna front board anyway. don’t pay attention to those dudes like scott stevens, chris beresford, johnny miller, jesse burtner, chris carr, ricky tucker, or any of the other creative snowboarders doing interesting tricks on stock features on the other side of that dirt patch, let’s go do front blunt 270s on that rainbow box again

  2. danny
    danny says:

    hey didnt that other, better camp do signature sessions already? and oh yeah didnt that one mountain in southern california that puts out all those internet videos do signature features already? oh well it says its a unique concept and never been done before and its in type so i guess i cant argue.

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