Is Snowboarding Really That Easy?


Snowboarding. So easy, a girl can do it? Desiree Melancon. Robbie Sell photo.

In a debate started long ago, probably by the same people who still bicker over skiing vs. snowboarding, it’s been said snowboarding is easy. Let’s examine the facts: It’s done by girls, small children and even the occasional fatty. But is snowboarding really that idiot proof? Yobeat asked people from all sides of the sport to find out.

Industry Dudes:

Ideas inside the Holden workplace were as varied as possible. Holden’s go-to business man PartyTime Nate said snowboarding is easy because, “Cause it’s a sport made up by homosexuals that could not skateboard. They thought, ‘Hey, let’s strap this fucker on just like you strap on your dildo.’ Then bam, snowboarding was invented.” His boss, Mikey LeBlanc, had a much different opinion though. “It ain’t, anyone who says that is DONE progressing.” This leaves the industry dude opinion tied 1:1, so we contacted Ashbury business man Lance Hakker, “I think it’s just as hard to get on top of snowboarding as it is to get to the top of skateboarding. But it is definitely easier to get good enough to enjoy yourself on a snowboard. It’s relative, everything is relative, except rollerblading.” Lance continued, “I’ve seen frat boys do 360 flips.”

Video Dude:

Videograss guru Justin Meyer spends far too many hours starring at snowboarding, so his opinion matters more than most. We asked Justin if he feels the moves that make you pro were easy, or is glad to be on his side of the camera? “Usually the later of the two, unless it’s something I could do myself. But I only filmed with Desiree about 10 times this year.” Justin later admitted that Desiree Melancon is actually a better snowboarder than he is.

Photo Dude:

Photographer Robbie Sell’s past experience as a pro rider means he might actually know if snowboarding is easy or hard. “Who cares,” he said, “I’m going to make a comeback, cameras are expensive these days.” We interpret that as Robbie admitting snowboarding is so easy that he can come and go as he pleases.

Pro Dudes:

Finally, we asked a group of guys who get paid to snowboard. Nitro Rider Will Tuddenham and Capita’s Cale Zima agreed that because your feet are strapped in it is an easy activity. However, Will added, “…I still seem to suck at it.” Desiree Melancon, Jed Anderson, and Ben Bilocq shared a similar reaction to the question. It isn’t that snowboarding is easy or hard, it’s just how you experience it. Jed said it’s hard when you are hard on yourself, when you are having a lousy day, or if you avoid learning the basics of snowboarding. Likewise Ben said you decide how difficult snowboarding is. Will you be happy just cruising forever, or do you seek the gold? Desiree really brought everything together though. “It’s not easy for me, but some people do, like, double corks and shit. It must be easy for them.” So there you have it folks, some people can do double corks, some people put their boots on backwards.

Verdict: Snowboarding, like anything else, isn’t easy. Those who feel it is are just better at life than the rest of us.

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  1. Mats
    Mats says:

    I think you want to change the title to “Is Snowboard(ING) Really That Easy?”


  2. robbie
    robbie says:

    On a similar note, I’m meeting up with a pro skater today, to shoot a handrail that I filmed on years ago. Shiiiit.

  3. CptShenanigans
    CptShenanigans says:

    in my not-so-professional opinion… i don’t care.
    its fun, and i love it. that’s all that matters to me

  4. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    This reminds me of the whole agument skateboarders make about how we’re so gay for building takeoffs on rails instead of just popping and ollie up there like a real man. It’s all realative. Snowboards are bigger, heavier, with wider stances and no trucks to add that extra “pop” to it. I think theyre both just as hard. Plus, wrecking on a rail can sometimes be alot worse when youre strapped to the deck

  5. daniel
    daniel says:

    its definitely relative. being strapped onto the board can make for some bad spills, but usually its pretty easy to just jump off the rail. doing a lipslide down a ten stair is easy as hell . i dont think i could even do that on a skateboard though.

    and skiing… thats just like rollerblading on snow, fuck that

  6. pootie tang
    pootie tang says:

    The question shouldn’t be whether it’s easier than skateboarding, the question should be whether it’s gayer. And the answer would be YES.

  7. tiger
    tiger says:

    snowboarding itself isnt hard. switch frontside 360 nosepress to fakie isnt easy. its all what you make of it. snowboarding can be wack because some of the people involved are wack. two cents.

  8. danny scanzoni
    danny scanzoni says:

    neither one is easier because that’s relative to what your snowboarding/skateboarding on. in general i would say that the options for what you an do on a skateboard are much greater than a snowboard.

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