A Hump Day Conversation with David Benedek


Snowboarding is full of talented people, but David Benedek is one of the riders who’s talents extend far beyond the hill. As a video producer, director and art director, he has had his hand in just about everything. But unlike many people who do many things poorly, David is amazing at everything he touches. He played an integral role in Robot Food, and his video projects with Blank Paper Studios have created a new concept of what a snowboard video can be. His latest venture is a book project chronicling the current state of snowboarding. Since we like smart dudes, we dragged him into the studio and grilled him about snowboarding, media and the current state of things. He had so much to say in fact, we had to break this conversation into two parts. Thanks to Jared Souney for putting together these videos.

Part 1: Snowboarding

Part 2: Film, Media and More

For more information on David’s projects, check out Blank Paper Studios.

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  1. trichards
    trichards says:

    david is one of my favorite humans that happens to be involved in snowboarding. shame we dont get to hang as much. david if you reading this lets hook up and brainstorm. todd

  2. AP Walker
    AP Walker says:

    Having worked with David in the past I can tell you that he is one of the smartest guys in Snowboarding. It have been a pleasure to have spent time with Benedek’s.

  3. Steve.
    Steve. says:

    I wish more people like this were involved in snowboarding. He’s an intelligent guy with some interesting/good things to say, thanks for sharing this.

  4. Tim
    Tim says:

    Brooke this is the best thing I’ve seen on here in such a long time, so refreshing to see some good content on this place rather than the mean and predictable shit from that NIck guy that has been on here so much of late. Hopefully we see more stuff like this

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    Jo David Benedek is the most progressive rider ever seen.

    What this dude has contributed to snowboarding is incredible and all that work he’s done and still doing is a blast !!

    When you’re the same a true rider with heart & soul as I am and many many others out there are you would understand what he is talking about and what he really means. So fuck all you who post destructive critics by cursing and all that.

    Check out the shralp podcast or the blankpaper films …it’s just insane !! So sick.

    I like the idea of the print thing he has in mind and will get that thing for sure when it releases …hell yeah !!

  6. Ben Moser
    Ben Moser says:

    That was a good interview, I really enjoyed it. I think Benedek is a great personality in snowboarding today, and if there were more people sharing his views on the industry, buisiness, and sport and lifestyle itself – or if those that are also out there could have more influence on the way things run we’d possibly see a lot more creativity. Snowboard parks have turned into fashion shows…that’s one sad thing I see out there. The kids are forgetting the fun of it, just trying to be more gnarly and steez’d out than the guy next to them. Sure, gotta wear baggy clothes…but then you also need the attitude to fit them, not some competitive aggro-vision of the guy to your left or right.

    Always loved Benedek’s work, and hope to see more of it in the future.

    Shred it!

  7. BroBomb
    BroBomb says:

    I’m way late on this one…but Benedek, without exaggeration, is the most articulate person in snowsports. The video and interview are top quality too. I’m super impressed…def something to aspire to.

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