YoBeat’s Spring Fashion Spectacular!

The season is winding down. The snow is getting dirtier, the sun is getting warmer, and there are many more activities to occupy your time. But that’s no reason to throw in the towel already. Late spring is one of the best times to ride, and it’s not just because of the soft park jumps that enable you to huck your meat with no regard for your personal safety. No, the best part about spring is you can wear awesome clothes! All winter long you have to consider the warmth and technical merit of your apparel, but when it’s 50-plus degrees on hill, anything goes! It’s still important to make sure everyone knows how cool you are, so here are a fews dos and don’ts for this time of year.



Take the to opportunity to match your t-shirt and neck flair to your bindings like your jacket never could. Bonus points if you can talk your girlfriend into also coordinating her outfit as well.



Wear a one piece under any circumstances. This dude is not kidding, but even if you are, people may think you are serious. Also if you get too warm, your only option will be to ride naked. But…



Take the opportunity to get your new Facebook default! Taking your shirt off on hill is always good for letting everyone on the internet know how cool you really are.



Let your dad ride looking like this. The bandana is for covering your face, not your receeding hairline. And for old people who don’t want to rock a goggle tan to work, this is an even more important spring style!



Wear your helmet! And if you are going to wear your helmet, mittens and full winter gear, make sure you have some one else with you doing the same thing so you look ridiculous together.



Push up your jacket sleeves. There are so many don’ts in this picture, but this is the most obvious. If you get too warm, unzip your jacket (you’ll look totally thug.) This just looks stupid.



Use your unnesscary items as flair. These mittens were making this guys hands too hot, but now they are a stylish accessory. Case in point.



Bring your girlfriend snowboarding. Even though its warm, sunny and seems like a fun thing to do together, when she’s walking down the hill cause it’s too bumpy, you’ll be breaking up at the bottom, no matter how cute she looks in her headband.

So get out there and go ride! If your lame local hill is already closed, well, it’s time to sign up for summer camp. The same rules apply!

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  1. Steve.
    Steve. says:

    Remember when Yobeat turned into a really bad Vice knockoff and Brooke Gerry turned into a really butch Gavin Mcinnes knockoff? Because it happened today.

    Snowboarding and skiing is expensive, what’s the use in ripping on 40 year olds for their snow fashion? They probably ride four times a year why would they spend a grande to be cool? I thought this bitch was from the east coast where snow fashion doesn’t exist?

    Really, I know this article is supposed to be funny — but it fails.


    i’m so sick of words like “fail”, “noob”, “pwnd’, and all that other internet gamer bullshit. Seriousy kids, if you are going to use a gamer vocabulary drop your wizard rank and halo handle in as well.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah, Sunday. And Steve, I was going for mean, not funny. just giving the people what they want.

  4. asteroidasteroid
    asteroidasteroid says:

    I think Steve. is just bumed cause he was looking forward to sporting his one piece..

  5. some jerkoff
    some jerkoff says:

    another reason why snowboarding has lost it’s fun. Gapers ARE HIL.ARI.OUS! there is no doubt about it, and they deserve to be stuck with whatever superficial, self-conscious quips us tech-nine gangstas can come up with. But, gosh darnit girl, I sure hope YOU can shred radically and not just blab your silly little mouth about it on the internet…anywho, i like yobeat, and I do realize you’ve been making fun of snowboarding longer than i have…so, keep up the good work?

  6. exinstructor.
    exinstructor. says:

    the top photo is of a large group of meadows snowboard instructors… the most unfortunate bunch of people to hit the mountain. In their own opinion, they have style that’s a force to be reckoned with and skills that are of a superior caliber. Top notch.

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