Grenade Games are Over!

We didn’t make it to Canada, but luckily, everyone we follow on Twitter did. So for the past 39 or so days, we’ve felt like we were right there in the action! It was great, really. So the from results last night’s grand finale jib jam are in and they are as follows:

1st Craig Beaulieu $10001

2nd Jesmond Dubeau $5000

3rd Wyatt Caldwell $2500

If you want the play by play of how this all came to be, Dano provided.

In the halfpipe, the results were as follows (thanks to our friends a Agoodreed):

3rd place: Dustin Craven, because he is awesome.

2nd place: Guillaume Morisset because he has a sweet name.

And the grand poobah of the show was Mr. TJ Schneider,the man behind The Snowboard Realms. He won $10 million dollars all while saying “fucking half-pipe.”

There were a bunch more events, but you can find results and information for those elsewhere. Now thanks to the magic of embedding, here are some videos from Dano himself (and featuring babes).




Thanks to everyone who blogged and tweeted it up all week. While we missed out on hanging out with the Dingo, we did our best to bring the party to other places as well. But even with hangovers, we still feel we may have missed out. NEXT YEAR! Now check out all the “Official” coverage here.

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