Best Week Ever: April 24, 2009

“Wait. Would it be weird to sit here and listen to a CD together?”

-Olivia and I have a ongoing list of brilliant ideas in my phone which we add to as needed. This week’s addition reads “Saunas with weed, but NOT hot.”

-We are watching this week’s episode of Millionaire Matchmaker. One of the couples falls madly in love, on the first date. They detail their soul mated-ness to Patty. Each one of them gushes how smart the other one is. Olivia then goes, “Aw. I love it when stupid people think other stupid people are smart.”

-I am discussing a girl I know who maybe isn’t the brightest. I explain that she went to college. I then add, “Well, she went to art-school-college.” Matt adds, “Art school college: Home of the mighty fighting paintbrushes.”

-It has been really hot in LA this week. It has been actually borderline miserable. I am whining that the couch and my computer and my hair are all contributing to my hottness, one afternoon. I then and announce, “I wish there was a way to have nothing touching you.” Olivia thinks for a moment then adds, “I think its called standing.”

-Clueless is on TV. So we cancel the afternoon to drink margaritas or smoke weed or something and watch it. Me and Olivia get into a discussion about how the movie inspired the young creative types in us. I explain how I used to doodle outfits in my notebooks. Olivia talked about how she did the same. She even had aspirations of becoming a fashion designer one day. I then add, “Ah the 1990s. Before we knew all our dreams were impossible!”

-Clueless is coming to an end. I suddenly remember that I have the new Kimya Dawson CD in my car. I suggest that after the movie I go get it. I then add, “Wait. Would it be weird to sit here and listen to a CD together?” Olivia nods her head, “Super weird.”

-Olivia is walking to the kitchen to make food, when a commercial for Survivor comes on. She pauses, looks at the TV, and then announces, “I want to go on Survivor so I can get really skinny.”

-The uninteresting Kardashian sibling (the boy) gets some huge crazy tattoo of his dead father’s face on his forearm. This week’s episode involves him revealing the tattoo to his sisters and mom. Olivia helpfully suggests that he should have gotten it somewhere less conspicuous, like his back. She adds, “Sometimes I forget that I even have back tattoos.” I nod my head in agreement, “Sometimes, I forget that I even have a back.”

-I drag Olivia with me to see one of the old waitresses from Cinespace. She is also a singer/songwriter type and is playing a show at the Hotel Cafe. The show ends. We are waiting to see if people want to go eat afterwards. I am Twittering and checking my Facebook and such on the sidewalk outside. Olivia is standing bored next to me. She suddenly remarks, “I wish I had internet on my phone. Then I wouldn’t have to talk to you either.”

-We come home with a different weed strain than we usually get,  last night. Olivia informs me this morning that she has a weed hang-over. I tell her that I don’t really remember going to bed last night. I add, “There are candy wrappers everywhere and I can’t feel the inside of my mouth.”