Puff Puff, Pass: How to Celebrate 420 Boarder Style


It’s no secret that a good number of snowboarders enjoy smoking marijuana, pot, weed,  herb, nugs, bammy, chronic, ganja, grass, or whatever you want to call it. Well today’s their, possibly your, big day! At some point it was decided that April 20th would be National Pot Smoking Day. A day dedicated to smoking weed, and getting high. But why? And how is the snowboard community celebrating?

First and foremost let’s educate ourselves. April 20th is more than just a stoner holiday, it is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday. So while you are stoned contemplate the fact that you are celebrating Hitler’s birthday. Ooo, bad vibes bros.

Back to smoking weed. The code, 420, has many believed origins. Some rumors point to 420 being a police code involving mary-jane, others point to a group that would meet at 4:20 p.m. to get high, but the most convincing is a rumor based on the growing season. April 20th is a great time to begin planting pot for summer. Weed plants need dry heat and all that other unpleasant nonsense to grow, so why not plant in the late spring? Either way, 420 exits and is super exciting for many folks. But how does this relate to snowboarders again?

The Grenade Games is one way. Hosted on 4/20 rumor has it people smoke weed is smoked at this event openly and recreationally. Now of course this may be a myth because we all know athletes couldn’t possibly function while under the influence of illegal narcotics. On the other hand it is entirely possible that there is some truth to the matter. Below are a few pairs of Grenade gloves, our main source of evidence…


Official pot smoking gloves. Perfect for cold bongs, hot joints, and looking like you enjoy the chron.

Another way snowboarders celebrate 4/20 is by sitting around and smoking a lot of weed. While many of these people will end up getting lost in their couch, some may actually go on to take a walk, eat food, skateboard, or roll another fat blunt. A brave few may even go snowboarding, but smoking on the chairlift is a total drag and the smoke shack is mostly melted away by now. Thus forcing participating members to save their doobies for later, which isn’t acceptable on 4/20. Other snowboarders, of the hippie variety, will enjoy games of hacky-sack, frisbee, and other hippie shit Yobeat does not approve of.

So if you are celebrating Yobeat has a few do’s and don’ts for how to go about your day. If you aren’t celebrating you should stop reading now, this information isn’t for you.


-Avoid the Fuzz. If you don’t end up in jail you’ll receive a hefty fine.

-Have food within reach, who knows what you may end up eating otherwise.

-Be productive, and with your friends, otherwise you’ve become that sad stoner guy everyone makes fun of.

-Enjoy yourself.


-Wear a nug-rug.

-Brag about how stoned you are, or how cool 4/20 is, your non-stoned friends don’t care.

-Buy a bad bag, it’s a recession and money shouldn’t be wasted.

-Say the words chill, vibes, or love.

-Smoke alone, do you really want to be that guy?

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  1. turd ferguson
    turd ferguson says:

    Oh baby, another terrific Nick Lipton update that has absolutely nothing to do with snowboarding. I can’t wait for his next journalistic gem, maybe he’ll write a thousand words on how he got drunk with his bros, went and saw a movie, then got lost on the way home and somehow ended up in a Canadian driver training course. Fingers crossed over here!! Then again I don’t really know what I should expect from a website who’s only consistent article in the last few years has been the weekly blog updates of a girl who lives in LA (or is it New York? Or Boston? Or is she on another road trip?) and who hung out with some snowboarders at some point in the last decade. Oh, and she used to date Diplo, or something.

    Y’alls should change your slogan from “Making Fun of Snowboarding Since 1997” to “Making Fun of Snowboarding When We’re Not Writing Articles For Wakeboarding Magazines or Updating Our Myspace Photos or Thinking Up New Ways to Make Snowboarding Seem Edgy and Cool (Like Skateboarding)… since 1997.”

  2. nigel08
    nigel08 says:

    mr. turd is being harsh. im diggin yobeat.and you can still find a good smoke shack at shredows if your down for a little trek.

  3. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    YoBeat knows what’s really goin on…. World domination by evil shapeshifting replicans… oh the humanity!

  4. Big Dog
    Big Dog says:

    T. F. I’m guessing you came by the name turd honestly. Or was that the first thing your parents thought of when they saw you? See. It’s easy to be harsh. Lighten up. Don’t kill the buzz.

  5. pootie tang
    pootie tang says:

    The only thing that sucks worse than snowboard journalism is weed and the fucking dipshits that turn it into their ‘lifestyle’. Keep up the good work Nick, and please continue to vaguely acknowledge snowboarding because reading about it is only slightly less gay than doing bong rips out of Clay Aitken’s underpants.

  6. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    i was shreddin on 420 shithead, it was siiiiick. Then got home and buddy had rolled and already started smoking 4 blunts and 20 joints. Anyway, fuck u nick, ur a douche im smoking right now by myself as i type this and play fuckin gears of war. You should just be happy i happened to stumble across ur site fucker. hit me up, havent seen u 4 a grip

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