Hump Day hangs out with Matty Ryan



100% passion.                                                                                                                  photo: Comune

Matty Ryan has had his up’s and down’s as a professional snowboarder. Dropped from as many companies as he’s ridden for, being from the east coast, never winning the Olympics, it’s been tough for Matty, but he doesn’t look at it that way. From living all over to starting his own company, Bozwreck, Matty is a diverse individual. What is surprising about Matty though is his inability to be effected by the little things and his actual passion for life. Love him or hate him, Matty is pleased he spent some time between your ears.

Yobeat: Why don’t you give a fuck?

Matty: (Laughing) I don’t know, guess that’s how I was brought up. No reason though, just passionate in what I believe in.

Yobeat: You grew up in New Hampshire, did that influence who you are today?

Matty: Yeah I think it made me who I am today. I like to say that growing up on the east coast makes you sharp cause’ people are always just fucking with you. It just builds up your street smarts in a way, and growing up there made me want to travel a bunch and just get out there and shit. As far as snowboarding my style has changed a bit since I left New Hampshire. When I was 18 I used to be all into pipe and shit, real weird, but i still love that shit. But since SLC I really like to just cruise and get shit in the streets.

Yobeat: I first saw you in KingPin’s Happy Hour, you 180’d some big stair set. You’ve been jumping off and over shit since. Why?

Matty: I think it was that 180 that clinched the whole ollie thing for me and it wasn’t so much even the ollie. It was just the fact that I could ride into something fast and just crack an ollie in the streets over some shit. It just felt iller’ to me than just riding all slow into some rail.

Yobeat: Bozwreck boards, what’s the deal who’s making them?

Matty: Revolution snowboard factory down in the bubble. But those people are the shit, best people to deal with and the boards are on point. Smaller factory so they are on it, not just trying to pump out boards all fast, it’s quality shit.

Yobeat: How did you meet Nate (Bozung)?

Matty: Met Jordan (Mendenhall) at the U.S. Open and then I came out to visit him in Utah when I was 17 maybe. Jordan and I were at Milo and Nate was in there. Jordan said, “Nate this is Matty from New Hampshire.” and true story Nate responded by saying, “Then why don’t you go back to New Hampshire?” Everything in-between is a very long blurry story but now we are best homies.


Imagine chesting that rail and falling face first into the stairs.                                        photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: So did you guys give up on the industry, or did the industry give up on you guys?

Matty: Not sure, I think we gave up on ourselves. Both of us gettin’ really partied out in Cali. I was living in LA, and Nate in Laguna, just hittin the bottle hard. I hate the snowboard industry so I don’t want to give them the satisfaction that I gave a fuck if they gave up on me and I’m sure same goes for Nate. The part I don’t hate about it is Bozwreck, Comune, Holden, Ashbury, Milosport, and Neff. Everyone else can chomp on a bone.

Yobeat: Single worst quality about the industry right now?

Matty: Half-ass paychecks, we are disposable heros.

Yobeat: What’s the funniest way you’ve ever been dropped from a team?

Matty: When they say, “I’ve got some bad news.” It’s like here we go again, or your check just doesn’t show up. I apologize to all my sponsors for asking every month if my check got sent out. I just want to say without Comune and Holden I would be working at McDonalds right now, thanks homies. I am so grateful for everyone at both those companies.

Yobeat: What do you think about snowboard media?

Matty: (Laughter) Snowboard media. Sham, a joke, you’ve seen the covers lately. C’mon fellas who we got workin’ in there? Not like fools run my photos anyways so I got nothin’ to lose. Someone has gotta tell it like it is.

Yobeat: What do you think of the Mountain Dew Tour and the X games?

Matty: Sham, those homos are just seeing dollar signs and I cant really blame em’. But I’m not about it. If you wanna look back at your life and know that you massaged Shaun White’s balls at the  X-games then that’s your problem.

Yobeat: Are you still living in LA?

Matty: Na, I’m trying to move back in the fall though, just for fall. But I’m gonna live in the dirty south this summer, sober up, and work with my pops and on Bozwreck shit. Try to get this shit off the ground without the party.

Yobeat: You seem to party hard. What’s Paris Hilton like?

Matty: (Laughs) Actually I can’t claim that hard cause I met her through my homie Simon, but she was really nice and hella cool. We sparked a fuckin’ spliff standing on a table at some Sundance party. Then she got us in to this crazy after party up in Deer Valley, top ten party nights fa sho.

Yobeat: Simon Rex, a.k.a Dirt Nasty?

Matty: Yeah, good homie of mine, real genuine cat. He is straight up Bozwreck’s biggest fan. That fool just kills it at life.

Yobeat: You seem to really get out there. Do you think a lot of snowboarders are stuck in their own world?

Matty: (Laughs) For sure, I just think life is way to mother fuckin’ short not to just get out there at night and meet and rap out with who ever. Not even a stepping stone thing, just it’s the best to meet new people and hang with randoms, and it gets you into some awesome situations.

Yobeat: Is partying good or bad for you as a snowboarder?

Matty: I don’t know, I have for sure gotten some tricks out of it before. Up all night and then to a spot, and it seems like the times I’ve been in that state of mind I get the tricks fast. But this year I have been pretty mellow on the party, at least by my standards, and I have been clockin’ like that as well. So who knows, maybe?

Yobeat: Do you think you’ve ever been a drug addict? Are you a drug addict?

Matty: I think with my personality it would be tough to deny that, but I know me moving to the dirty south all summer to hang with my family is a step in the right direction.

Yobeat: Do you think it really matters if you use a lot of substances?

Matty: Kinda at this point, you get to an age that it doesn’t seem as right anymore to be partying till’ sun rise on the regs. I still have fun with whatever I’m presented with, but at the same time I wanna fix it and let those situations be bygones.


Hippie Hop in Flag Land.                                                                                               photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: Do you remember any unusually sketchy nights?

Matty: Let’s see, overdosed in Tijuanana, got kidnapped by a marine that wanted to pay me $1000 to fuck his wife when I was trying to hitch hike down at ASR when I was probably a block from my hotel. He booked it to the highway and starting hauling ass and I somehow talked him down. He turned around and headed back into downtown San Diego but wouldn’t stop and was trying to convince me to bone his wife. Then I saw Rags and Nuge. They had gotten in some fight, I jumped out of the fools truck right in the middle of downtown San Diego, true story.

Yobeat: Why wouldn’t you fuck the dudes wife?

Matty: Because I thought that was to good to be true, and he probably was just gonna try and fuck me or kill me. Fuckin’ jarhead.

Yobeat: If he had brought you home, and his wife was a fine looking lady, would you have fucked her?

Matty: If he gave us some privacy, I’m a gentlemen.

Yobeat: Who is your celebrity crush? What babe really does it for you?

Matty: Oh man, Zooey deschanel hands down.

Yobeat: You walk into this marines room, his wife is on the bed waiting for you, she looks just like Zooey Deschanel. Do you fuck her even though he wants to watch?

Matty: (Laughs) C’mon. Just like her? Fuck I guess, you fucker.

Yobeat: He offers you five grand to film it, for private use, do you agree?

Matty: Shit that would help out Bozwreck, but no probably not. For real I’m a gentlemen.

Yobeat: How much to get you on film?

Matty: In that situation I would have to see the cash in a suitcase. I have always wanted to find one of those, or just get one some how, so if it’s in a suitcase and the suitcase is full of cash I would do it for the suitcase and the money inside.

Yobeat: What annoys you most about your own life?

Matty: The fact that I can’t sit still. I’m really working on that, but it’s only when the sun goes down. I’m just like fuck, I’m missing out on some fun shit right now. Oh, and I have a fear of opening my mail, that one is beyond me, boxes of unopened mail.

Yobeat: Why? Legal issues? Creditors?

Matty: All of the above, I got served like a month ago but I had me and Nate’s lawyer. It ended being a fraud but yea I just have a hard time dealing with all that shit. Like my car is sitting in the Milosport parking lot cause’ I hate the DMV, I think every one does, but I really hate it. So just decided not to re-register my whip. Bullshit IRS, creditors, grown-up’s, I don’t know, part of me will never grow up and I know that for sure. When it all catches up I’m gonna see if I can just handle a little jail time or something.

Yobeat: You think going to jail will increase board sales?

Matty: (Laughs) Who knows, probably.


Over a street, through some wires, whatever.                                                        photo: Donated by Matty

Yobeat: A lot of folks would say you are ruining snowboarding. What do you have to say to that?

Matty: Compliment. If they are wasting their breath then we are affecting them in someway.

Yobeat: Who do you think hates you?

Matty: I would have to say Jesus, and I don’t know, probably mad people cause I’m sure I’ve pissed some people off for being just stupid and drunk.

Yobeat: How many years you think you got left in you?

Matty: Not sure considering the life I’ve led. I still feel okay, my knees are fine, it’s more a matter of motivation I guess. I really want to learn some other form of a life that may generate some consistent income, but it has got to be something I love, and right now snowboarding is what I love, and I am really hyped on being a part of it. I mean look at Peter (Line), (Mike) LeBlanc, and Terje, those dudes are still so amazing. Maybe I’ll be the Keith Richards of snowboarding, 50 years old trying to ollie some double set.

Yobeat: So you really love snowboarding?

Matty: Yeah for real, regardless of what anyone says. But yeah maybe I drift off in life and partying, but that’s because I also like a lot of other things that life has to offer. I hate to admit this sometimes but I love snowboarding man. It’s great, it has done so much for me and now I think I’m past worrying about it so much. I’m having a lot more fun and I’m hyped for all the success it has brought tons of my homies.

Yobeat: Your critics call you a loser, a drug addict, and so on. But you’ve proven that you are  snowboarding for the right reasons. Could your vices ever stop you from strapping in?

Matty: No, that’s fine with me when I hear that shit. It’s kinda fucked you know, because addiction is a real thing and I’ve learned addictive personality is real and nothing to joke about. But it wont stop me from going snowboarding because I know what I need to fix, and if anyone listened to haters you wouldn’t get anywhere.


Why don’t more people hit that side?                                                                            photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: Who was your worst sponsor all time?

Matty: Shit maybe Head snowboards. I got fired before I signed the contract because I didn’t go meet up with them when some of those hardons were in SLC. Probably a good thing though. The contract was gonna be four grand up front and that would have gotten me into trouble, and oh yeah, it’s a tennis racket company.

Yobeat: What kind of trouble?

Matty: Let’s see, 23 years of age, couch surfing at Mikey LeBlanc’s house with no aspiration to be snowboarding at that moment, four grand in my pocket, stormy clouds ahead, lights out. But that was me then, I wanna clear that up.

Yobeat: Who are you now?

Matty: I’m trying to get away from the party shit, although it is tough because I love it. But it’s to a point I feel where it needs to happen to get Bozwreck where I wanna see it, and I’m really just trying make sure it does. So it’s like do I wanna continue to just party like a moron or do I wanna pull my shit together and not blow a good thing? So I guess I hate the word but a little bit of me is at least ready to grow up, a little. But I’ll never forget fun and hangin’ with friends.

Yobeat: So what do you worry about?

Matty: Not much, real talk I just think worrying and jealousy are the two most pointless emotions. So I don’t dabble with them. What good comes out of them? I don’t think much from what I’ve learned.

Yobeat: What about death? You ever worry about that?

Matty: Not really, if death worries you, damn, your life and mind are gonna get pretty twisted. You can’t think like that, my dad has always told me to just appreciate that day and that’s it, and the next day do the same. I make the most of shit, say I am hungover or something and just on the couch. I’ll watch the History channel, I’ll learn some shit. Just anything you can do to make that day worth every last second. Like lately, if I’m all spaced out i have been dabbling a bit in drawing. I suck, but at least doing something that has some end result of accomplishment.

Yobeat: What bums you out?

Matty: I’ve been in love before and when that ended of course I was bummed. But you know what, I think that I just don’t ever want to be bummed like that again, so anything that is minor or just too dumb to be bummed about, no thanks, I just say to myself shit always happens for a reason man. I am a strong believer in that, and if something happened where a normal person should be bummed then I say, “Shit man, just some fucked up shit happened for some reason.” I don’t know, but whatever I’ll just stay up and do some other shit and get it out of my head.


What’s going on at your house?                                                                                    photo: Bob Plum

Yobeat: Where in the south are you headed this summer?

Matty: South Carolina, about an hour outside of Atlanta. I’ll be borrowing moms whip a bunch to head into the city. I have a few friends in Athens and Atlanta so I’m hoping to just figure it out down there the way I figure out any other city, just dive in and start figuring it out. I don’t know anyone that knows Atlanta so I want to be that person.

Yobeat: Will a little guy like you be O.K. in the south? Are you afraid of the country boys? Have you ever seen Deliverance?

Matty: (Laughs) No, because those are the same people I want to rap out with. Hicks, I fully want to be in a hick situation, hopefully sippin’ on moonshine with them and let them know I’m down for hicks. They are just into some crazy shit, but whatever, probably funny people. They fucking love Budweiser, they can’t be that bad.

Yobeat: Favorite drink?

Matty: It changes often but for beer Stella is the jam, and I really enjoy tea, English Breakfast black tea with honey and milk. So good with smokes it’s untouchable.

Yobeat: Brand of smokes?

Matty: Camel lights I guess, but also randomly I smoke Reds for weeks at a time, then back to Camel lights.

Yobeat: Blondes or Brunettes?

Matty: Brunettes, but I am a sucker for cute red heads man. It’s fucked, I always get shit for it but I’m so attracted to cute red heads. It’s just a rare thing and when you see one, it’s like finding gold or some shit, no offense to all you red heads out there.

Yobeat: Perfect day?

Matty: Waking up, Starbucks if I’m not broke, tea if I am. A good tune to get me going for the day, and just going on an adventure whether that be snowboarding, skating or whatever. Hangin’ with homies on a stoop, leaned back in a chair with some beers and cigs, and just laughing. Man laugh attacks are the best.

Yobeat: If it all ended today what would you do?

Matty: I would be real hyped on what I’ve done. I’ve been all over the world, lived in a few different spots, and started Bozwreck without a diploma. I’ve met some awesome people man, so many good stories and times.

Yobeat: Sponsors?

Matty: Bozwreck boards, Comune, Holden, Ashbury, Milosport and Neff.

Yobeat: You have anything you want to blurt out?

Matty: Just thanks to everyone that is helping me and Bozwreck out, you know who you are. Too many to name but much appreciation and mad love.

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  1. dr
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    sweet program matty. And oh yeah… thanks for the vibe every time I’ve set foot in Milo when you were working. No wonder everyone in SLC who shreds is a fucking punk.

  2. Boards of Canada
    Boards of Canada says:

    Matty seems legit, hopefully he achieves that goal of toning back on the party scene. Stoked to see another interview of truth.

  3. Eric M
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    Matty, Import back to tahoe n kick it with the fam. stay at the office in the heart of squaw valley. Spring shred!

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    This interview was sick. Matty seems like a rad guy. Nick, your a fucker for all the trap questions.

  5. GGLives
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    Dude used to lace my shoes at eastern boarder. fucking pile for days, vibed crazy hard, but cool as shit. but seeing matty ride waterville…fucking insane.

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    AAAAgreed on the redhead comment. no one gets it but because redheads are genuinely and most commonly big, chubby, generally not too cute, finding a good one is like a guerilla in the mist, although not gorilla like. plus they are wild ones, which in the end results in them being total fucking crazies. but thats another story. regardless of this jibber jabber this is snowboarding that counts, like the old whiskey days. i dont need to see anything about the lame frends crew or the x games… ever. no denying their ability but it just isnt as pure as what this guy has to say. keep it up fella, keep your head up!

    mr. b.

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