Peter Gets Broke Off


So honestly, we get all our news from Twitter these days, and this morning we awoke to a bummer update from Mr. Peter Line.

Layed up for 2 months with broken back, good thing is-no brace. Bad thing is- it’s a compressed fracture and has made me a 1/4 inch shorter.

This all started with this tweet:

About to hit an icy QP till 3am

We guess these things happen when you get extreme. Anyway, we wish him the best, and recommend you follow him yourself as he is one of the most entertaining twits we know.

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  1. Cyrus
    Cyrus says:

    Twitter’s evil. Idiocracy and narcissism at its finest. “Hey everyone, look at me! I just wrote another stupid little note about myself!” Apologies for the hate.

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