The NooB’s History Lesson: Part 1


We here at the n00b held a private brainstorming session late last night (translation: drank cheap wine and watched “Knocked Up” again). What we realized during this intense meeting of minds was that we don’t really know the history of snowboarding.

Here we were, telling you people how to fix your slang (twice ), what some of the emerging trends are in snowboarding, teaching you how to take kick-ass pictures and calling out Danny Kass for saying stupid shit, and we don’t even know snowboarding’s roots!  What a bunch of n00bs, right?  w00t.

So we went to the ultimate compendium for snowboarding knowledge: the YoBeat archives. Now, here’s a disclaimer, we got really stuck in there because there’s so much ridiculous bullshit.  Apparently snowboarding is full of emo-hating ex-skateboarders (we can’t say we were surprised, but the transparency is astonishing!)

But we found one thing we found to be pretty interesting, a little thing called the Blue Lodge.

What we’ve been able to put together so far are the following items of note:

  1. Apparently it was some sort of snowboard house/camp in Plymouth, New Hampshire.
  2. Apparently to snowboarding, it was or is a big deal. We don’t think we get it.
  3. Apparently it consisted of a whole lot of dudes, a handful of token girlfriends/she-riders and a healthy dose of fraternity homoeroticism.
  4. In one collection of photos from a video premiere, you can see Sarah Morrison’s bra through her shirt. We were shocked (translation: we downloaded a copy of the picture and we’re putting it on our iPod tonight, it’s party time)! Blue Lodge is totally NSFW.
  5. YoBeat was the Blue Lodge’s personal internet ball-scrubber. When it comes to being Xtreme, remember: always put quotation marks around “journalist,” or an asterisk afterward, to clarify their role.
  6. Apparently, the Blue Lodge was a synonym for “The Real World: New England,” where they party hard and bitch harder. At least, that’s what the linked article would have you believe.
  7. We at the n00b haven’t written a report on history in years, and we hate it.

That’s enough of this stupid list. But fear not, for we at the n00b are going to make this a serial. Even if we come up with something funnier to write about, we’ll have a little snippet of snowboarding’s sordid history, via the YoBeat back issues.

Next column? Tony Hawk, big-time pro rollerblader, invents “roller-skate board,” steals tricks from snowboarding and wakeskating. Stay tuned!

If you are really into this Blue Lodge thing, here’s a gallery of photos  we got from some guy Mike Parziale.

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  1. Me
    Me says:

    Is being able to see Sarah’s bra really that shocking? Her bra has been viewed more than that star wars kid video on youtube.

  2. Ike Harriger
    Ike Harriger says:

    How about those x games? Did you witness the fail by Paris ? Apparently the announcers are saying that he is moving all his extremities. Everyone thought he broke his neck. Go check it out on dailymotion. He didn’t begin the flip soon enough. It totally looked like he was finished.

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