Think Thank Gets Ashed In

The recent eruption of Mt. Redoubt in Alaska put a bit of a hamper on a Think Thank crew as they were filming for Cool Story. Photographer Alex Mertz wrote all about it on the Nemo blog, but we think this is overall pretty cool news for cool story. Now in addition to the ubiquitous orange cone, the video will have another one up on the rest: volcanic eruptions! Here’s some words right from the horse’s mouth.

Everything Started out great, perfect weather, hiking everyday, stacking shots, safe to say everyone was killing it. About half way through I get word Mt. Reboubt, an active volcano 100 some miles from Anchorage has erupted, no biggy just ash that wont hit town. Skip ahead a few days, we’re staying low in our hiking zone due to avalanche dangers from the 4 feet it dumped days before. Everything seemed perfect, blue skies, sunshine, and a sweet jump ready to go. Sam Hulbert is up first to test the jump shortly after he goes, someone yells holy S**T look! Massive fast moving ash ploom high in the atmosphere is headed right for us, all of the sudden it completely blocks out the sun, it had to have dropped 20+ degrees and now all the light was flat, no fun to shoot in.

For more pictures and the rest of the story, check the Nemo Blog.

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