Hump Day with Johnnie Paxson, yo



Portland’s coming up in a big way, so is Paxson.                                           p: Darcy Bacha

Sometimes introductions are really special. You can say, “Oh man Olympic blah blah blah redhead,” or with any luck you can say, “This guy has been in the game since your mom popped you out,” but occasionally there’s no point. In Johnnie Paxson’s case, he’s a good kid, he’s fearless, and with MFM as his mentor, this kid can only be headed in the right direction. Even Comune Art Director Corey Smith had good things to say about him, “For a Gresham snow-gangster, he’s a pretty good boarder.”

Yobeat: When did you start riding?

Paxson: Like sixth-grade or so.

Yobeat: Where did you start riding?

Paxson: Ski bowl (Mt. Hood, Oregon).

Yobeat: You wear a lot of jersey’s, what is your favorite basketball team?

Paxson: Blazers.

Yobeat: Who is your favorite player?

Paxson: (Brandon) Roy.

Yobeat: What basketball team do you hate?

Paxson: Lakers.

Yobeat: Where have you been this winter?

Paxson: Mostly in Utah and Oregon.


Late nights, big tricks, what do you do in July?                                              p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: How did you start riding with Mark Frank Montoya?

Paxson: Well, I met him at a party at Scotty Conerly’s house in Welches. Then Scotty told him I knew how to snowboard and stuff and showed him some footy. I guess he liked it cuz’ he was like, “Yo son you should ride for Sound son, nah mean son!” So I was like, “For sure” cuz you cant really say no to MFM, you know? He might shank you or something. So I got on Sound outerwear this summer and he flew me out to Mammoth the first week they opened to shred and kick it while he DJ’ed some party’s and stuff, it was sick. We’ve been riding and filmin’ for his movie since then.

Yobeat: What are you doing with that dude?

Paxson: We’re workin’ on the MFM and friends movie Hard To Earn and doin’ some web videos for and some other viral stuff. Oh, and I’m teachin’ him to play pong, thats a big project, fool sucks at pong.

Yobeat: How is your part coming?

Paxson: It’s coming along good, but you’ll have to check out Hard To Earn when it drops to see for yourself.

Yobeat: What is the gnarliest shit Marco has made you do?

Paxson: A tindy grab, blind folded.

Yobeat: What is the most uncomfortable situation Marco has put you in off hill?

Paxson: Sometimes he wears really small belly shirts with pictures of himself on em’ and poses around the house, it’s weird.

Yobeat: Your good friend, Technine kid Matt Guess, said you are always recklessly spinning and flipping off shit. Do you ever worry about snapping your neck?

Paxson: Not really I’ve been mindlessly hucking myself off stuff from a young age. Things haven’t changed too much except now there’s a board on my feet and there’s a little more awareness and thought behind it. I try to focus on landing on my feet and keeping the negative stuff out of mind.

Yobeat: Why are you so into backflips? Double Backflips?

Paxson: I don’t know I guess I like gettin’ upside down.


Yep…                                                                                                                     p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: What made you backflip bombdrop a three story house?

Paxson: I had never seen a backflip bombdrop before so I thought I’d try it.

Yobeat: Do you feel like it’s hard coming up these days without being on Burton or wearing tight pants?

Paxson: (Laughing) I think its hard coming up in snowboarding. I mean you gotta work hard to get on Burton, I think, and you gotta work hard to get into those tight pants. It’s hard no matter what kind of pants or board you’re rockin’. Unless you’re super bros with a couple of the right people.

Yobeat: What is your opinion on the importance of image these days?

Paxson: To me it’s not important, people should look or be however they want. It is important to the industry which is kind of wack, but to be expected, and if you want to make money in this industry you gotta please the industry. So that means wear tight pants, just kiddin’, maybe not.

Yobeat: How did you get on Comune? It seems like an odd fit for you.

Paxson: Scotty Conerly showed Corey Smith some footage, Corey put me on.

Yobeat: How do you like being a part of the Comune program?

Paxson: Its sick, Corey is a super cool guy and the team is really sick.


Poke hard or don’t poke at all.                                                                      p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: Last year Rome gave you a seat on the Magic Bus Tour, how was that adventure ?

Paxson: It was crazy one of the best times of my life for sure. We just shredded all over the place, from Snoqualmie, Washington to Superpark in Mammoth, skated a bunch, ate lots of sushi, I spent way too much time in that bus. Then I ended up driving it from Mammoth back to Hood by myself, it was sketchy.

Yobeat: What was the worst experience you had while traveling?

Paxson: Wow hard to choose but its between these two: Jocks that we kicked out of a party at Dirty Joel’s coming back in the middle of the night with baseball bats and braking fools ribs, arms, and smashing Corey Cronk’s teeth in while he was asleep on the couch and him not knowing till’ he woke up the next morning. Or when dirty joel, John Foy, and myself went out for a night of good times and some how I lost them. I got a ride back to the condo from the Redbull girls. They get back to the condo at like three in the morn’ covered in blood screaming and yelling help us. turns out they kept bar hoppin’ then got a ride back with some guy that was “sober”. He flipped the car like 7 times a mile from the condos in Mammoth. The guy took off and Joel and Foy walked a mile back to the condo all mangled and shit. They had to get all fixed up at the hospital but they’re OK now.

Yobeat: Where were you when the guys where beating your friends with baseball bats?

Paxson: At Dirty Joel’s in Tahoe. I think it was Kings Beach.


Award Winner… p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: What is the best fight you’ve ever been a part of?

Paxson: It was in Portland and we went to this really gay club for this girl’s birthday. These guys were talkin’ mad shit about one of my buddies and the girls we were with. So my buddies like come on were gonna fight these foos outside. I was like “OK” so I walk out to the corner to these two guys and they start talkin’ all sorts of shit and this goes on for a really long time. Then my buddy who was gonna fight never stepped up and it was getting ridiculous. Then they rip there shirts off in the middle of winter and start yelling,  “Were fucking Marines.” Everyone starts to leave but I couldn’t do anything but stand there and look at the main jock. I had never seen such douschness in my life. He sees me lookin’ at him then comes at me talkin’ more shit than ever. He swings on me and with Chuck Norris reflexes I block it and hit him with like seven or eight rights and he goes down, at this point the bouncer grabs me and the whole corner block was full of people, traffic was all stopped up and I could here police on the way. The bouncer knew I was in the right so he let me go and I ran out of there. It was cool.


Well rounded talent is hard to come by these days.                               p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: What is the worst you’ve ever seen someone get beaten?

Paxson: Lindsey Jacobellis at the Olympics.

Yobeat: When you aren’t snowboarding, what are your passions?

Paxson: Surfing, Skating, anything else that causes adrenaline, sketchy unsafe things

Yobeat: When does size matter?

Paxson: When you want it to?

Yobeat: What makes you nervous?

Paxson: These questions

Yobeat: If the world ended in 2012 like the Mayan calendar predicts how do you want to die?

Paxson: Eating Rocky-road ice cream in a cup, with milk, smashed together with a spoon.

Yobeat: Who supports you?

Paxson: Rome, Dragon, Sound, Comune, Dakine, Northern Alliance, Gleukos, Timberline.

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  1. JJ
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    The backflip off the house was pretty ridiculous. It went from being really uncool, to cool again, just because you sorta say “what the fuck?”

  2. yo ibeat off
    yo ibeat off says:

    paxons sick. in one of the febuary or march mt bachelor videos he does a triple backy on a beastly pow jump. doesn’t look like he lands it because they cut right when he lands but he got it around all styily and shit for sure

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