MFM Charity Jam

These days if its going on, and may or may not be cool, Grenade is involved, such as the MFM Charity Jam at Hood. Hey, you gotta make those Caddy payments somehow right? But apparently they are even tight with MFM and impoverished children now, which makes sense cause they are both so metal!

Experts suggest Mt.  Hood Meadows is a no-go these days, except in most cases the experts are idiots and blowing it. We’ll go ahead and assume they’re responsible for 92% of the world’s problems these days including, but not limited to: war, poverty and crack cocaine.

Fortunately Grenade is here to the ameliorate the situation, we’ve taken our crack analytics team to work and have had them working with none other than Mark Frank Montoya for an MFM Productions  and GromFest at Mt. Hood Meadows. After a long debate, Grenade and MFM have moved forward with the decision to present the Northwest with the Wham Bam Charity Jam. With all proceeds going to the Invisible Children Foundation, the nonprofit organization is dedicated to raising funds to rebuild war-ravaged schools in Northern Uganda and provide scholarships for the youth in Africa.

For more information on the event go to: