Gothy Girls and Powder by Peter Line

A story by Peter Line

Woke up. I heard the vibrating of my phone alarm. It’s ringer was on mute. It woke me anyway. It’s 7:04 am. I’m a little hungover, yet I still have the sugar flowing through my blood which makes it a little easier to get out of bed. I text my friend Sean, “You still gonna make it?”, he texts back, “Eight.” I sit up and remember talking to a girl at the bar last night. She was boring and dull and seemed younger than she was. She dressed kinda gothy but she loved Britney Spears.


art by Nick Lipton

She said she was on some sort of detox and that’s why she wasn’t drinking. I concluded that’s probably why she was so dull and boring. I didn’t ask for her number.

I go down stairs and across the street to buy some juice and a bagel from the mini mart. Sean picks me up and we drive to Alpental. On the way I get a coffee and he tells me he got the number of the boring girl’s friend. He tells me that the girls later tried to sneak into the Lady Gaga show but were kicked out of the Showbox for life.


art by Nick Lipton

I laugh. I tell him I was the one who told her that my friend made it in through the emergency exit, and that they should try. We both laughed and then rode awesome powder. The End.

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