Tara Dakides Off Omatic

You know, we heard about this around SIA time. Saw Tara lurking around the Flow Booth. Etc. But for some reason, it just never occurred to us to care. But the Extreme Scene out of SF thought it was important when they had our friend Todd Richards on the show last week, and they did such a neat write up, we are reblogging the shit out of it.

Richards blamed a difference in philosophies for the split. “Let’s just put it this way: Some people are meant to go into business together. Some people are not meant to go into business together,” said Richards. “She’s great. Love her to death. Always have. People just have different views and ways to do things and our personalities clashed.”

For the full write up, check out The Extreme Scene. While you are at it, listen to the podcast of our interview… we’re so big time!

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