Hump Day Gets Dark with Ben Bilocq



Star deeply into his eyes, because he is staring into yours.

Ben Bilocq is a tough interview. After applying a blitzkrieg style of questioning Ben still couldn’t be cracked. Deathly calm and incredibly mysterious, I could only make one conclusion, Ben must be a vampire. Vampirism would explain everything. His long black hair, his pale complexion, his good looks, and of course, being 500 years-old would calm anyone down.  But I needed more proof, so I consulted Ben’s personal Videograss filmer Jan Snarski.

“So when I first started filming with Ben (Bilocq) it was only at night. At first I thought it was because we were doing urban stuff but then I looked into it some more and relised it went a littler deeper than just where we were riding . I was scanning over some footage and I notice in one shot Ben cut himself and then he began to thoroughly enjoy the taste of his own blood for several minutes oppose to getting a band aid. Once at dinner, at an Indian spot, Ben ordered nan bread. The server brought over garlic nan ( bad news for vampires) he then proceeded to clean each piece of bread till’ it was “safe” to eat. It is also common for Vampiers to have foriegn accents and long flowing hair, um check and check. Also Ben does not enjoy hitting spots that have anything to do with wooden rails, not that these are a bitch to ride but the fact that if the wood broke and he got staked more bad news. (note, if you watch all of his previous video parts no wood will be found in any of them) On, a lesser note I caught him hovering in his sleep on a rail trip in Toronto, so all in all I now carry a cross at all times in my camera bag incase he decides to Vamp out on me during a session. Oh and just look at the guy, as if he isn’t a vampire…”


All of Ben’s friends from 300 years ago are dead now.

Yobeat: Where are you from?

Ben: I am from a small town named Charny, south shore of Quebec city.

Yobeat: How do French Canadians respond when the French are called “pussies.”

Ben: Never heard that.

Yobeat: How did you appear on my radar?

Ben: Last year I went for the first time, pretty much, to the U.S., shooting for Autumn Line and hanging a bunch with Eric Fernandez. I also spent a lot of time in SLC this winter.

Yobeat: You’ve taken some serious slams this year, especially your gap to chest slam. Do you feel pain?

Ben: I did for a bit. That night my pain killer was Canadian whiskey, after a week I was OK.

Yobeat: Have you ever been accused of being a vampire?

Ben: Actually, too many times this year. I assume it’s because of Jan Snarski, my filmer, he just keeps bugging me with that. I am pretty sure he calls people to tell them that too.

Yobeat: Vampires are really popular in American pop-culture right now. Is that why you look like a vampire? To impress american women?

Ben: No, but it would make sense. People used to say I looked like Josh Hartnett, or some guy, and now vampire.

Yobeat: Do you ever bite girls necks?

Ben: Arms, there is more flesh. But really, I don’t drink blood

Yobeat: Have you ever thought about it?

Ben: No, AIDS and shit, sketchy.


Three, for the number of centuries he has been living in Canada.

Yobeat: What kind of music do you listen to?

Ben: Mainly Death Metal.

Yobeat: Do you like Norwegian Death Metal?

Ben: Norway is more Black. I like Finnish, Polish, and Swedish stuff.

Yobeat: What aspect of Death Metal appeals to you?

Ben: The bands I like, I would say, have a very precise and powerful energy, it keeps me motivated in my life and riding, and makes me dream of being good at playing music.

Yobeat: Why do you think all those Scandinavian countries are so into Death Metal?

Ben: I believe it’s because most of those people stay inside and 1) are very frustrated  2) have a lot of time to create good music. The two options can go together too.

Yobeat: What do you think about the Metal guys who burn churches and kill people?

Ben: Don’t blame it on the music, he is just a psycho.

Yobeat: Are French Canadians loose people?

Ben: They can be, I don’t think I am.

Yobeat: Do you have any vices?

Ben: I could eat ice cream all the time.

Yobeat: What flavor, blood?

Ben: There are so many good ones, but the sure shot is always the Oreo.

Yobeat: You aren’t fat, but you like ice cream. Are many French-Canadians fat?

Ben: Not as many as in America, if that is what you want to know. But, people usually gain weight in the winter.

Yobeat: Does it blow your mind when you see how fat Americans are?

Ben: It does but at the same time it doesn’t. It’s so easy and cheap to eat junk food. I would probably get bigger if I lived there.

Yobeat: So you think it is harder to eat junk in Canada?

Ben: There are not as many fast-food restaurants, and it’s not as cheap. At McDonalds, there is no dollar menu, it’s the $1.49 menu, and it’s not as cool.

Yobeat: What is your favorite poutine recipe?

Ben: It’s pretty basic, a poutine is fries, cheese, and gravy. But the one I like has some kind of spicy sauce from Chez Ashton. You can only find that in the Quebec city area, it’s the best.


No skin, no melting. Only a vampire would give this baby a try.

Yobeat: Would you rather go home with a fat woman or a skinny, but scary, girl?

Ben: Tough call from up here. I can go home alone too.

Yobeat: Are you into metal chicks? Or are you secretly into blonde bimbos?

Ben: It will sound gay, but it’s all about what is inside.

Yobeat: Not gay, that just sounds French Canadian.

Ben: Or, what I notice in them after 15 minutes.

Yobeat: Has a girl ever scared you in the bedroom?

Ben: No, I choose them, I mean I am careful.

Yobeat: Have you ever felt like you weren’t in control of the situation around you?

Ben: I don’t like that, but yeah.

Yobeat: What was the worst time of your life?

Ben: I couldn’t tell you what was the worst time.

Yobeat: Are you sure you aren’t a vampire, you are very calm and collected, something someone who has been alive for 500 years might be.

Ben: I am trying to get to 90.

Yobeat: Do you like pizza?

Ben: Yeah, I love BBQ chicken.

Yobeat: Do you like to put garlic on your pizza?

Ben: I don’t see where it would go on the pizza, but at Pizza Hut they have good garlic bread with cheese on it.

Yobeat: How often do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Ben: If I look I see myself, don’t worry.

Yobeat: Ok, seriously though, if you had to suck the neck of one celebrity who would it be?

Ben: I would just not I think, because someone would take a picture and make fun of me until I get to be 500 years-old.


All those stupid girls that love “Twilight” are going to go nuts for this guy.

Yobeat: What was high school like for you?

Ben: Mellow, I started loving it the last year.

Yobeat: Did you have any girlfriends in high school? Did you play any sports? Did you have super long black hair?

Ben: No girl, not really a sport guy, I was the one kid who would ride his bike all year to school and alway be at the same spot with the same dudes. Or alone at the same spot.

Yobeat: Did you scare people?

Ben: Maybe.

Yobeat: Dracula bites your neck and you become a Vampire? Do you smile?

Ben: Probably not.

Yobeat: What makes you smile?

Ben: Jokes.

Yobeat: What about boobs?

Ben: Doesn’t make smile.

Yobeat: You just won a billion dollars. Did you smile?

Ben: I would smile non-stop. If I did stop, I would just need to think about that billion, and then I’d smile again.

Yobeat: What are the five things that make you happiest in life?

Ben: New music, snow, a cool snowboard, good meal, my girl.

Yobeat: Is she gothic?

Ben: No

Yobeat: Is she cute?

Ben: I think she is.

Yobeat: Does she like Death Metal?

Ben: She had a phase that she was into it.

Yobeat: How did you seduce her?

Ben: Could be the french accent, and my truck.


Ben has been feasting on that things head.

Yobeat: In your opinion who are some over rated snowboarders?

Ben: I am not getting into that, it can only bring trouble, maybe two high-fives, but troubles.

Yobeat: So you are a pretty calm dude?

Ben: I think so.

Yobeat: What makes you freak out?

Ben: Stupid people, people that I can’t understand, or stuff that I cant understand.

Yobeat: Have you flipped out this year? Had a fit of rage?

Ben: No.

Yobeat: Why are you so calm and collected?

Ben: It must come from my parents, I can’t tell.

Yobeat: Are they vampires too?

Ben: I am gonna have to hate Jan from now on.

Yobeat: Do you have any secrets?

Ben: Many, and they are meant to be.


Up north they call this the “Bat Wing”, its a variation, you can’t do it.

Yobeat: You’re on the Videograss roster, how has filming for that been?

Ben: That one is hard. It has just been good so far, and really fun. It’s usually hard to film full time and still enjoy doing it.

Yobeat: Should people be excited to see it?

Ben: They should because it has the sickest line up. I am excited, and I am a calm person.

Yobeat: I have a box, it contains a crucifix, garlic, and the blood of a virgin. Which object would you like me to send you?

Ben: Probably garlic, I don’t have any left.

Yobeat: Nice cover up. Sponsors?

Ben: Nitro, L1, 32, RVCA, Raiden, Grenade, Etnies, Elm, DLX, and Ashbury Eyewear.

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    if we want to get down to nerd specifics, the nerd is wrong anyway. Nick was probably going for the Canadian/UK spelling, which is realised. Both are fine. Apparently Canadians also do weird things like ” travelling”, change their “behaviour”, start “ageing” early, and listen to “analogue” music. I never realised.

    Good interview, I’m starting to look forward to Hump Day. Nice attempt at getting the vampire to crack.

  3. jeez
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    take it easy with the vampire shit, ben is just a fucking guy who snowboards and I’m pretty damn sure he got sick of this interviewer after the first vampire question and he just kept on asking them. what a douche

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    jeez, you have obviously never met lipton, cause if you had, this would not seem like an overboard interview

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