Best Week Ever: March 13, 2009

“See, I am living off the grid!”

-Melissa begins telling an amazing story about a friend of mine who is sort of hilarious/slightly insane. Somewhere towards the end of said story Melissa asks Olivia if she has met said girl. Olivia has not. Melissa then reiterates how insane the girl is. Olivia sort of shrugs, “All of Sarah’s friends are really crazy.”

-We are discussing Denny’s for some reason. Melissa and Olivia have both recently dined there. The three of us begin reminiscing about Denny’s via stories circa high school. I reveal the story of my first date, in which I go to Denny’s. (The short version: I am forced to pay for the whole meal and in order to get in his car am forced to climb through the trunk.) They both stare blankly and awkwardly at me as I finish the story. Olivia manages to remark, “Aw, that’s why you hate dating!”

-We are set to go to some party. I am trying to convince everyone that we should simply stay home and watch TV. I am vetoed and forced to get dressed unwillingly. I manage to get ready. I then look at my fancy pretty self in the mirror and sadly remark, “There’s weed stuck to my lip gloss.”

-Olivia is attempting to shut the windows and lock them prior to leaving the house. She is shutting the window by my bed when she notices that it won’t actually close or lock. She is trying to force it shut and getting annoyed. I helpfully announce, “Well, they will just steal me first!”

-Louisah is forced to drive me down to Skid Row for the party we do Saturday night, after I lock myself out of the house and my car in the driveway. I am admiring the amount of tents and tent inhabitant type as we drive around looking for parking. I ask Louisah if she would come visit me if I moved into a tent down here.  I then add, “Honestly, think about how much that would save on rent.”

-Lousiah and I are having trouble locating parking spaces. Upon turning on to a one way street, I notice a spot on the block behind us. I encourage Louisah to reverse the whole way back to the parking space since no one is around. She declines. I suggest, “If you get stopped just act totally confused.” I add, “Just be like “What? I swore I was going forward!”

-Bonnie and I sit out in the cold being door girls at Major Saturday night. Gina keeps asking us an array of questions every 20 minutes involving who is at the party, who is not, and varying degrees of those two questions combined. We are looking the list up and down attempting to answer some question that I am no longer able to remember. So I go, “I would say Franki Chan is the biggest celebrity at your party.”

-An array of people walk in the door and discover my bed moved in front of the TV in the living room and me in it. I attempt to explain that I tried to take a nap in my room and it hadn’t worked out very well. I added, “There was nothing to do. It was really boring.”

-Olivia discovers me and Erika on the verge of sleep in front of the TV early Sunday evening. Half awake, Erika mumbles an explanation about the debacle blaming a weed cookie and me. I sit up and point incriminatingly at Erika, “It was your cookie!”  Olivia nods and looks at Erika, “If that’s true, she is actually right.”

-Olivia starts explaining something about the mailbox and how one would get mail out of it. I inform her I don’t get mail. She begins to think and remarks that the only piece of mail she had ever actually seen me receive was a scarf of mine that Steve Aoki had and therefore had mailed to me. I nod my head and announce, “See, I am living off the grid!”