Log Airtime on your iPhone. Get Snow Motion Now!

Recently we were talking about how sweet it would be to have a stop watch type device that automatically logged your airtime. Then you would know exactly how rad you had gotten each day.

Well, looks like our dreams have come true with an iPhone app/game called “Snow Motion.”


“After loading the game, the user puts the iPhone in his/her pocket just before skiing or boarding a run.  The app measures the user’s performance down the mountain – tracking speed, vertical feet and air time (yes, air time!)  We’ve brought video game dynamics into the game, so there are leaderboards, competitions between friends and much more.  We also built a website (www.statalog.com ) that collects and organizes all of the data for the players.”

Incredible really. We expect YoBeat readers to be at the top of the charts. Afterall we are notorious for our “massive airtime” or something like that.

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