Best Week Ever: March 6, 2009

“You are really good at kidding!”

-We are watching the enthralling season premiere of Tyra’s other show, America’s Next Top Model. Tyra name drops Paulina Porizkova at some point and homegirl rolls onto the screen. Sally points at the television and excitedly announces that she is her favorite model.  Olivia attempts to quickly correct her, “I thought Sarah was your favorite model?!” Sally shakes her head, stares blankly at the TV, and replies, “No it’s Paulina Porizkova.”

-I go to meet Melissa one morning. I inform her that on the drive over I has seen a girl that looked exactly like Melissa circa high school. Melissa inquires if I took a picture of said girl. I shake my head, “No, but i waved to her!”

-One of Olivia’s friends comes over to watch the Nip/Tuck finale. Fortunately for all involved, she talks through the entire things and we end up spending 3 hours rewinding it and re-watching parts because of this. She becomes convinced at some point the actor who plays Christian is some former cast member of Dawson’s Creek. She spends the majority of the three hours attempting to validate this fact. To shut her up, I finally agree with her and state, “Nip/Tuck is actually a Dawson’s Creek spin-off. It’s literally Dawson’s Creek: the college years.”

-Olivia’s friend that makes TV hard to watch later gets upset that the little black kid on the show is named Wilbur. Unclear as to the source of her anger, we inquire more. She reference’s Charlotte’s Web and it’s protagonist Wilbur the pig. She explains how the naming of a black child Wilbur would be racist. Upon understanding the correlation, I roll my eyes, “That wouldn’t be racist. It would just be bad parenting.”

-We finally reach the credits on Nip/Tuck. The DVR prompts us to decide whether we would like to delete the episode. Olivia turns to me unsure. I clap my hands excitedly and yell, “No, let’s watch it again.” Both Olivia and her friend seem alarmed, until I inform them I am not serious. Olivia’s friend points at me and announces, “You are really good at kidding!”

-I walk into the kitchen one afternoon. Olivia is standing in front of the open the refrigerator. She asks me if I think it’s too early for her to start drinking I shake my head and inform her is it not. I then peer into the refrigerator, “Is it too early to start eating cheese?” Olivia shuts the refrigerator door and quickly replies, “Yes.”

-Lloyd and I are fighting. He originally becomes mad at me do to an altercation with a friend in which I did not stand up for myself. He begins revisiting his anger towards me one evening on Twitter. I get upset. Rose inquires what the latest thing he had said to piss me off was. I reply, “He called me white!”

-Olivia is discussing Twitter and the whole people who follow you vs. the people you follow bit. I am sort of half listening and announce, “If I could chose who to follow on Twitter, I would only follow you and Sally.” Olivia confused manages to explain to me that I CAN and DO currently chose who I follow on Twitter. I nod my head, “Oh yeah.”

-I turn to Olivia and remark, “People should never used the term “shit storm” it’s an alarmingly vivid reference.” Olivia quickly replies, “Oh, you are reading Franki Chan’s Twitter too?”