Hump Day with Jed Anderson



Money man, Jed Anderson…

Jed Anderson is a menace to anyone trying to pay rent by snowboarding. He wins every contest he enters, films more interesting video parts than all his peers, and hasn’t even turned 18 yet. Basically that means he is amazing at what he does, and his part in Transworld’s sophomore project “Get Real” already looks amazing. But don’t take our word for it, take these folks…

Desiree Melancon, “Jed is the biggest dooshbag who is better at snowboarding than anyone I know.”

Bobby Meeks, “Jed is one of the ripping’est tight pant kids around. He totally slaughters it. His helmet head incases his humbleness. Jed’s future looks as tight as his pants.”

Jake Welch, “Jed Anderson, he is amazing. He can do it all.”

Jed recently returned from a trip to Japan, Yobeat caught up with him immediately.


On the set of Airblaster’s August.                                                          photo: Paul Miller

Yobeat: What did you see in Japan?

Jed: Homeless guys, Rodney Mullen look a likes, snow, boats, cars, and lots of candy.

Yobeat: Was the culture shock confusing for you?

Jed: Every moment, ordering food, it was all confusing.

Yobeat: When are you going to take your helmet off?

Jed: It’ll probably stay on. I’ll never wear one skating, but snowboarding I always just catch my edge carving and smack it and puke.

Yobeat: How many concussions have you had?

Jed: I dunno, quite a bit.

Yobeat: Any other notable injuries?

Jed: A hyperextended knee, fractured leg, sprained mcl/acl, and bruised meniscus all at the same time.


Jed can break more than his legs.                                                          photo: Paul Miller

Yobeat: Besides snowboarding what do you like to do?

Jed: Draw, Music, and Skating.

Yobeat: Do you have any favorite artists?

Jed: 1)Josh (jasper) Baydala



4)Travis Parka

Yobeat: Favorite tunes?

Jed: All music, but mainly Hip-Hop, 60’s-70’s, and Metal too.

Yobeat: Could you name your top 3 bands of all time?

Jed: Eff’ that, that’s so hard. Ok, Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles I guess. That’s way too hard to answer.

Yobeat: Do they ladies in your life love you for being a snowboarding superstar?

Jed: Superstar? I’m no superstar, but they know I snowboard and whatever.

Yobeat: Have you ever been on a date?

Jed: Yeah

Yobeat: Who drove?

Jed: She drove, she picked me up.

Yobeat: Where did you two go?

Jed: I don’t know, there have been more one.


Brand new whip, no license, he’ll be driving the ladies around in no time.

Yobeat: Have you ever kissed a girl?

Jed: Yeah.

Yobeat: French style?

Jed: Yeah dawg.

Yobeat: What was your first kiss like?

Jed: Um, weird.

Yobeat: Why? What happened?

Jed: Well, I was 10 I think. I was at this lake hanging with two girls. One was my age, one was two years older. The older girl made me kiss the younger one or something, then I kissed the older one, then the younger one again. Then the the older one one more time. Then like, in the winter, I french kissed the older one. It was gross and sloppy.

Yobeat: Have you gotten any smoother at it?

Jed: Yeah way smoootha.

Yobeat: When was the last time you played tonsil hockey?

Jed: A month maybe?


Look at all the onlookers, it’s called jealousy.                                     photo: Paul Miller

Yobeat: Does being sober and 17 keep you out of trouble?

Jed: I wouldn’t say out of trouble. I don’t drink or use drugs right now, but I still do all the stupid stuff drunk kids do.

Yobeat: You hangout with Nick Dirks, Jonas Michilot, Jarad Hadi, and all those hooligans from time to time. Any good memories?

Jed: This october we were walking around Portland. Jarad was drunk, as usual, so was Jonas, but Nick and I were taking it mellow. We went to this house party first and were walking back and stopped to get some pizza. Jarad and Jonas started making fun of this jock guy and trying to get some of his calzone, “GIVE ME SOME CALAZONEEAA.” Jarad was just grabbing at it, ripping cheese off, and throwing it on the guys face. They kinda started getting in each others faces so we got in the car and drove around the block. Alex (Burton) was riding shot gun. We had some eggs. Out of nowhere Alex is like, “STOP.” So we stop the car and Alex calls him to the window. This jock guy walks over and Alex chucks an egg at his face and it wraps around his head. We burn off and he tries to run after the car but trips over his feet and face-plants the road. It was awesome.


Jed and his bad influences.                                                                     photo: Paul Miller

Yobeat: Do you have any secrets?

Jed: I’m a nervous flyer, really nervous.

Yobeat: Why?

Jed: Bouncing around in a metal tube 40 thousand ft up.

Yobeat: Do you think it is hard to poop while wearing snowboard boots?

Jed: Kind of, it’s a mental game.

Yobeat: What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Jed: I was on a lake once, and there was this boat full of girls. They were like, “Come on our boat.” I didn’t have trunks on or anything just clothes, so I went for the leap,slipped out, broke a bunch of fingers and fell into the water. Good way to break the ice though.


Knee-knocking fly by.                                                                                 photo: Paul Miller

Yobeat: If you were given $40,000, a fake ID, and two nights in Vegas what would you do?

Jed: Fly a bunch of my friends there and ask them what they wanted to do I guess. Go to some cool parties or something, some cool shows, maybe a concert or something. Stay in a nice hotel, buy a whip and drive home. What would you do?

Yobeat: Two day party with all my friends. How is high-school going for you?

Jed: It’s called sports school, it’s for any sport that’s in the Olympics. But that pretty much means I can go to school when I want. The teachers are awesome, it’s apart of a big high-school, I dunno it’s cool.

Yobeat: Are you the geek, jock, badass, ladies man, loser guy, or the 2 cool 4 skool dude?

Jed: Badass

Yobeat: After graduation school or snow?

Jed: Snowboard Speedway. My grades won’t be good enough to go to college. Even if they were I’ve gone to school for 12 years, I need a break.

Yobeat: After high-school are you going to start doing drugs and drinking and fall out of snowboarding?

Jed: Heck no. I hope not man, you should punch me in the dink if I do though.


Rails, Jumps, Pipe, Broken Trees, Jed is like a 4×4.                 photo: Paul Miller

Yobeat: People should expect to see hot action from you for a long time then?

Jed: Yeah let’s hope, soggy action.

Yobeat: Who helps you out besides your rail jam paychecks?

Jed: Salomon, Airblaster, The Source,

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  1. haley
    haley says:

    revision: in vegas, nicholas lipton would NOT have sexual relations with anyone, would NOT wander aimlessly around the city of sin, would NOT be pulled into a van of hookers (because he has enough money to buy much classier ones), but WOULD buy his good friends (and, as noted, hooker friends) many drinks and good times, and quite possibly even tip his cab driver this time around.

    good thing you warned me.
    high5, nice interview. haha

  2. virginia666
    virginia666 says:

    jed is a class act, nicks interview fits his personality perfectly. jed shreds so hard, stay away from drugs, drugs are bad

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