Firing Squad: March 3, 2009

Both last week’s winner and this week’s challenger make something out of nothing, proof you don’t need a helicopter or even a top pro to make a good photo. But which photo made the better some out of nothing? Will our champ’s reign continue or is someone else’s turn to earn some gloves? You choose, so look hard, then vote!

Photo 1

Photo 2


So what do you think?
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The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

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  1. erock my jamstock
    erock my jamstock says:

    photo 1 is the bees knees!…photo 2 looks like he was just taking a picture of a rock and some mountains and a snowboarder just happened to jump in his way….photo 1 is way more creative

  2. nerd
    nerd says:

    naw, photo 2, look at the lighting. way more effort. photo 2 has much better composition, you can see runway and landing, plus blazers jersey.

    even though its much more traditional of a photo and the trick isnt as sick as number one its still quite the winner.

    oh and Bacha is a G

  3. Estes' Ghost
    Estes' Ghost says:

    Finally something I can sink my teeth into- 2 guys I feel have ‘potential’ in snowboarding. Photog Darcy gets propped first, congratulations- this is an easy win for you and a HELL YEAH goes to Paxson- kid oozes so much style its insane. BANGER #2!

  4. Shasta
    Shasta says:

    There is no comparison. I agree with the above post, the lighting on #2 and the composition are very hard to master, being a photographer myself, and Darcy has the skills to make stunning images.

  5. Dick Mcgee
    Dick Mcgee says:

    Photo #2 son!!! Darcy is coming up and Johnnie already head high on the come up. Both these guys a repping NORTHERN ALLIANCE in Oregon hard. One love to the crew!!!

  6. nicole
    nicole says:

    photo 2 is good but the lighting is fake. anyone can blast a rider with an on camera flash (i’m a photographer, i know). i like the composition and depth of field in photo 1 much better.

  7. sean
    sean says:

    #2. savage. johnny is on the way to the top with his style and his hunger, ive seen it first hand…….and the lighting on that shot. savage squared. “on camera flash” nicole?

  8. colin
    colin says:

    photo 2 has an amazing horizon line, great color and lightin and the composition is perfect!!!
    number one jut looks like a make shift photo for a transworld contents page…not too impressive and no effort
    moving your focus ring doesn’t make you a photographer

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