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Editorial Note- People seemed to have very mixed feelings about Hump Day with Ben Rice. Many people seemed to have felt that Yobeat only showed one side of Ben’s darling personality. To rectify this Comune’s Art Director and Ex-Pro guy Corey Smith sat down with Ben and asked him a few more questions. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.

Ben Rice Not-so-Hump Day Interview by Corey Smith

Ben, I’m here for you. .  I told you that you weren’t supposed to talk about that shit fool!  Let’s pick up the pieces. Let’s show the world you’re an elegant gentleman and not a piece of total Tahoe trash.  How was your day today? Things are looking up right?

Things are definitely looking up. I woke up in beautiful Costa Mesa this morning we went for a jog on the beach and had some wheat grass smoothies. I’m feeling great and ready for an amazing day down at the COMUNE office aka Rancho Relaxo.

When you’re training to learn a new a trick what goes through your mind?

If you can imagine it your dreams can come true.

So how many days a week do you work out?

Counting the weekends 7 days a week right after my soy latte

Is it hard being a Mormon Christian in the hedonistic world of  snowboarding?

I’m so happy that you asked me this question. It’s more difficult than ever. I have to keep my mind so focused on snowboarding and only snowboarding. It’s hard sometimes with all these young ladies and their loose morals.  I have to keep the devils pleasures at bay.

I noticed you’re wearing a promise ring on your wedding finger. Is it difficult taking a vow of celibacy until marriage?

I have done too much of gods work to condemn myself to an eternity of hell. No Ding Ding without the wedding Ring.

I heard when you first stepped on a Bataleon snowboard you learned five new tricks in one day are those boards really that good?

Corey, I Have to say they are that damn good. I Guarantee a new Bataleon snowboard will do the same for anyone 12-30 years of age please read warning label. Not to mention Dragon goggles help me see in HD.  Celsius boots keep me comfortable and warm like kittens massaging my little feet. Elm company hats keep my head so cozy too!

Yeah, all of us here at COMUNE, are so excited about having such a motivated young athlete such as yourself representing our brand. I heard your working on a pro model pocket protector with us? Tell me more?

Well I want people to be aware of the damages that we are doing to Mother Earth. What better way than an eco safe pocket protector? I personally walk the lonely highways of California picking up the pieces of blown out semi tires to re use the rubber and make the most eco safe pocket protector on the market. I care about the next generation so much.

Wonderful! What do you think of kids these days, all these dopers smoking grass?

Hell is hot and eternity is forever Drugs are dumb.  I’m personally offended by all these kids that say “ I do Drugs I’m cool.” I mean who are you, some wanna be Keith Richards? These Kids and their “Weed Saves Lives” shirts, I mean really? Grow up. Get a job.

It’s a gateway drug to harder stuff wouldn’t you say?

Well just look at Michael Phelps you might win some Olympic gold. Just kidding. He’s a terrible role model for today’s youth. They should revoke all his medals, damn doper.

Seeing as you don’t own a car or any material possessions for that matter (much like the Jesus) you have little to no carbon footprint.  Do you see yourself as a role model for environmentally conscious youth of today?

I am very concerned for the youth. I pray for them every night before I go to sleep.

“ Now as I lay to sleep I give the lord my sole to keep oh and please help the kids”

That’s so awesome…   So let’s talk about your work with homeless youth?

In between working out 7 days a week and being celibate I find my self alone a lot.  I have a lot of time on my hands to make positive contributions to society. I try to give back as much as possible. Yes we can!

How’s your reality show coming along? I hear your filming season two.

It’s almost done.  Were wrapping it up with a real cliffhanger for next season you can catch it on MTV8 the Ocho.

By the way congrats on signing that four-year contract with “Fuck Yeah Bro Energy Drink” FYBED has been really taking care of you.  What’s it like to land a corporate sponsor like that?

It’s amazing I just have to put 13 stickers on my board and always have one in my hand. I don’t fly anymore just limo it around.

How many FYBEDs do you drink each day?

I used to drink at least five but the dentist told me that at that rate I wont have any teeth left so I renegotiated my contract with FYBED to cover dental. Super hush hush but there coming out with an easy IV kit so you can just sit there and don’t have to drink it anymore.

Fantastic! You’re such an inspiration to young Americans.  Thanks for your time Ben Rice. You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

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  1. Zim
    Zim says:

    Okay, so if you want to be cool do drugs. At least then the hipsters won’t make sarcastic comments about you on the interwebs.

    This is actually pretty funny though.

  2. daddy
    daddy says:

    So wait a minute, he’s like a really healthy and fit druggie? I don’t get it. How does he have time for all this?

  3. attention whore
    attention whore says:

    uh.. does comune sponsor this guy?
    I thought comune was cool when I heard their main snow team,
    but really? Ben Rice? I thought comune was a little dorky, but damn!
    Why would you sponsor someone who was 3 years late to jump on the hipster train?

  4. dont get it
    dont get it says:

    this is stupid.

    he shouldnt have answered the questions that way the first time. dont give him a second chance to look cool just because he rides for one of your companies. i lost a lot of respect for yobeat through this druggie/mormon extravaganza about some kid that i never cared about in the first place.

  5. stupid
    stupid says:

    This is stupid. Why does this kid get a “do over” making fun of people who aren’t like him or whatever because people didn’t like his first interview?

  6. SD
    SD says:

    Haha. Mormons believe that the Mythological character Jesus hung out in Vermont. Please. Every culture that has evolved on this planet had their own mythology. What makes yours correct and everyone else’s wrong?

    I wonder if he agrees that African Americans, and other people of color, bare the mark of Cain and will become white as their souls purify? DUMB DA DUMB DUMB DUMB

  7. Dilly Dob Blorton
    Dilly Dob Blorton says:

    Whatever, who gives a shit. Every kid and their dog does shitloads of drugs in university and college. This kid is just doing shitloads of drugs and snowboarding. He’s not different from anyone else his age, the whole flaw with him and his crew is believing that he is special and different. Positive reinforcement has fucked a generation. LA is shit. Hipsters in LA are even shittier. Sunshine, drugs, and this rock n’ roll victim shit is epicly laterd.

    This kid will fall off the train in no time. I mean, I hope he doesn’t but the odds aren’t on his side.

    Corey Smith thinks he’s a good artist and did some different shit on a snowboard. No one really gives a fuck about the guy but he sleeps with hot chicks and has fun in life, so kudos to him. Best case scenario, Ben Rice follows his path.

  8. DDB is dumb
    DDB is dumb says:

    DILLY DOB BLORTON youre right and wrong, corey smith’s art is different and simple and hilarious!!!!
    corey smith is the man in my book

  9. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    P.S. Where can I find FYBED? I heard that you can do double corks with it while fucking a wicked hot chick and punching tight pant EMO kids in the neck at the same time.

  10. The Possum
    The Possum says:

    Interview one was tough as fuck. Snowboarding has turned into the ski industry fucking Homo. Tell the truth speak your mind fuck it. there are plenty of guys out there with the clean image that are down to get buck late night. You just never hear that side of it. Skateboarding loves people for who they are… why not snowboarding. SHIT IS WEAK.

  11. Little Rice
    Little Rice says:

    Shove it up your ass attention Whore!!!!!! Who the Fuck are you? Some fat ass sitting at home wishing you could be like Ben!!! Way to go Bro!! I thought it was hilarious!!!!

  12. wack.
    wack. says:

    fuck this kook.
    you people live in a fantasy world. everyone says oh wow be like skateboarders, and i agree that snowboarding should adopt a good amount of skateboarding traits. but being a faggot hipster isnt one of them. sure lots of skateboarders do drugs, but lots of skateborders fall off too. look at evan hernandez. He was huge now hes nothing. knox godoy? fuck you ben. keep living in your fantasy american apparel rock n roll world. and keep up those soggy back lips.

  13. ZBs
    ZBs says:

    I just want to say that I’m sick of people who think they’re soooo hip and rebellious because they smoke weed. Weed can hardly even be considered a drug anymore. The only people who are seriously against it are old, churchy people. It’s even worse when the posers are clearly in their 40’s. Whom do they think they’re kidding? Stop listening to so much NPR, and call me, once you’ve shot smack for a few years.

    That’s all. <3

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